NABARD GRADE A 2019 ” Serious Aspirants”


I am making group to buy the course for phase 1 and 2. 5 people will buy this course. I need 4 guys.

Message me here or telegram or whats app on this number : 9004927069

Koi last year phase 2 ke ard and esi ke questions share kar do please!

It's a sincere request to other serious NABARD Aspirants of this group to put chapterwise MCQs of ARD and ESI on this group. This will be beneficial for the all the members of this group.

Anyone searching for Rbi Grade B course pls dm me. I have bought edtap course. Looking for 2 person to share the course as well as the course fee.

Can we expect notifications in Feb???

Photosynthetically active radiation range essential for production of carbohydrates?

  • PAR-0.1-0.5
  • PAR-0.11-0.15
  • PAR-0.8-0.10
  • PAR-0.4-0.7

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 RETIREMENT OF GRADE A LEVEL OFFICER ! there must be recruitment !


From where to study economic issues, agriculture and rural development?

What was the pre cutoff in 2018 for UR?

Hello. When we can expect grade a notification?

We Lost Our 44 Brave Soldiers in a terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir. May The Soul Of Our Martyrs Rest In Peace.The Nation Would Not Forget Your Sacrifice. Deep Condolences To The Families Of Our Soldiers.

can anyone share last year prelims  of english paper , please?

I have already uploaded MCQs of most of the ARD chapters in this group only 3 chapters are left. Please scroll down to attempt MCQs of various Chapters.

Tommorrow I will be uploading MCQs related to Metrology chapter and Budget 2019.

Join the group for resources

Is it ok if we rely on coaching material rather than reading a standard agriculture textbook ?

I'm unable to retain anything in ARD section. Can't memorise examples, values,etc. How to deal with it? 

will there be nabard recruitment in 2019?

  • 100% chance
  • god knows
  • 50% chance
  • 90% chance

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Good morning.When wil be Nabard GradeA exam

I have a 4 years gap as i was preparing for civil service..will it matter in NABARD grade A interview in selection and have any negative impact in panel members?

What are the main areas in ARD...