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hey guys,

m preparing for micat 2014...cn u guys please gimme some tips on psychometric tests...hw do i prepare for dis section.....😐😐

hey puyz i want to gv micat bt i don ve ny idea abt it woz searching for it registration process last date and all dat but dint get can ny1 provide the link plz help thnx in advance.....lookround


MICAT is what MICA would be considering for their selection procedure. I came across a person saying they make profile based selections after one clears MICAT and in that state level accomplishment is necessary in any field apart from academics for one to make through. I was planning to go for an attempt which is why I would want some clarity on the same.


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Hello, Can you tell me what was the conversion Ratios Last Year(2013-2014) in following order:
[Written Test>GE/PI>Selected]
Also, Since this year is purely based on MICAT, On what factors do we expect a Call from MICA for GE/PI among following in ascending order of Importance.(Starting from 1)
a) MICAT Paper Test
b) Qualifying Examination CutOffs(CAT,XAT,ATMA,CMAT etc.)
c) Academics(X,XII)
d) Previous Job Experience.

Also, GE/PI Could you site few ideas about GE Activities and PI Questions?
Don't want another lost cause preperation. Hence, I Ask.rolleyes

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Will MICA issue MICAT-2014 SCORE-CARDS? If not, why?

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my rank in cmat is 97, and m a freher this time.. how can i apply for MICA now?

I am chartered accountant and I want to pursue PGDM-C and be a brand manager.Do you recommend the same?

As per the MICA website, the CAT/CMAT/XAT/GMAT scores are not considered for shortlisting candidates for the GD/PI round.

However, are the CAT/CMAT/XAT scores and the graduation scores of candidates taken into account in the final selection procedure?

Long distance vs. Full Time?

what MICA Memoirs says:


Are the application forms for MICA 2014 batch out yet?

hey cn someone help mee..in filling up the form??hw many of you have filled up the mica form??hw many years of work ex suld we have to fill in the work ex section??i have 7 months work ex..so suld i fill der??nd cn we submit our form now and update the scores of cat,xat later?? reply soon....

Hi Team Interface,

Can you please tell me how to arrive at the salary figure? Is it total salary earned during the period divided by number of months? Because the salary has not been consistent for many people with more than a year of experience. Also, what should be ideally described in the Nature of work field?