Marketing Officer IBPS SPL VI 2017

 Bhai.. koi thoda idea do yar.... Marketing section kaha se dekha jaye... any relevant notes or specific books ?? 

 guys is bar marketing officer ka pattern change hone se marketing ke upar pura weightage rhega to is bar cut off increase hoga ya decrease? 

I have applied Marketing post just because of more vacancies than HR post this time and previous year i applied and prepared for HR Officer,but i couldn't.Friends,Please suggest me how to prepare and which books to follow...(I have Philip Kotler book)

 Anyone here who has cleared Marketing Officer exam last year? 

 what is the sequence of test pattern followed in the exam?Is that one which given in the information hand out is final or a random pattern? 

What is one of the sources of collection of data 1)internal 2)external 3)traditional 4)both 1 n 2 5) none

professional knowledge marketing expecting cut off ?

  • 36-40
  • 10-15
  • 16-20
  • 21-25
  • 26-30
  • 31-35
  • 40

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Can anyone plz tell me tht the merit list 200 me se hogi ya bas 80 se aur section ko just cutoff clear karna h

29th Jan MO 9:00am Slot


Reasoning 21 (80% accuracy)

Quants 20 (80% accuracy)

English 25 (70% accuracy)

Prof. Know. 46 (90% accuracy)

Any Chances for me...................?

 My Attempts
Reasoning-21(90% Accuracy)Quants-20(100% Accuracy)English-26(90% Accuracy)Marketing-45(100% Accuracy)

                       The thing is i never expected this type of standard in Marketing Knowledge,and i asked about 20 to 25 Candidates at my exam hall,all says that they attempted 40 to 46 questions in Marketing(100% Accuracy). So  i think IBPS will filter the candidates by remaining sections this time,and score in the written test will be a huge tie (same marks)among the aspirants and real filtering would be done at the time of interview.This is my Analysis.what u say Guys?  

IBPS Marketing Officer Questions (Based on my Memory) - 1) Advantage of any company-Core Competency 2) ATM comes under- Place Mix 3) Good consumer service comes under- Service Marketing 4) Radio Advertisement- Mass Reach 5) Which is not under 4 C- Creativity 6) Expansion of product awareness under- Introduction stage 7) performance exceeds expectations -Augmented product 8) Age ,Religion,Ethenicity,geography comes under- Culture/Subculture 9) Liquuar and Cigarrate -Sarrogate Advertisement hoti hai 10) Any slogan or phrase is- tagline 11) Newsletter ,Catalog comes under - promotion 12) B2B is _______ B2C in market share - 13) USP - unique selling proposition 14) PLC stage - sustain nahi hoga 15) SWOT -Strength, weekness,oppertunity,threat 16) Lead generation- creating initiation of customer interest 17) Trade promotion ,Retail support comes under -push strategy 18) All product are heterogenous -is a segmentation theory 19) Market space 20) Low cost marketing yield max result - Guirrilla marketing 21) Untapped segment of speciality - Niche 22) Market orientation firms- focuses on customers 23) TQM- Total quality management 24) Buzz marketing - Viral marketing 25) Acid test- Brand loyality 26) Brand Extension - using Previous brand name in new product 27) Visiting Bank in Dubai is not a product - ha ha kya option hai 28) Package is identification through which brand can be identified 29) India ka buying behavior - Bargain ( hum sab aise hi hain) 30) MOS= Margin of safety - is the difference between the intrinsic value of a stock and its market price 31) Industrial product is differentiated- on the basis of its use 32) Customization- action of modifying something to suit a particular individual 33) For safety/protection of a brand -Trademark is used(Comes under intellectual property) 34) Banks comes under _micro environment Explain=3 environment Macro, micro, Internal , Macro- PESTEL Micro- Supplier,Customer, market intermediates, Financers(Banks),Public 35) The quality of being able to be reached- Accessibility 36) Win Win Marketing 37) Gender comes under- Demographic environment 38) Personality Advertisement - a kind of associative group 39) Barter is an Exchange (without money) 40) Which one is marketing channel - Retail outlet 41) for exchange 2 people for market 3 people ( मैं sure नहीं हूँ )- 42) Idea screening is a stage of screening of idea 43) Credit card - Target group -Individual with taxable income 44) Marketing =long term selling =short term 45) Purpose of segmentation -identify the difference of behavior 46) Service durable nahi perishable hoti hai 47) Commoditization - Goods are treated as a comodity on price 48) supply> Demand =buyers market 49) Displaying important information- Labelling 50) MRTP =Monopolistic and restrictive trade practice

Result of SO will be declared by today evening.

Checkout the below link:- 

Okay, so now the countdown has begun. PUYS please let me know what according to you should be the cutoff for PK

 Cleared the written test. My next move is to get a certificate/letter from my university to prove my marketing Specialization.Any one from Anna university Chennai. 

I have graduation marksheets but not the certificate. So, is it enough?

I have done  MBA in banking & finance from Manipal university on degree there   

is nowhere mention specialization in marketing seeking revert from manipal university

Hello guys I have been shortlisted for ibps so marketing interview and I did pgdm with marketing and finance there is no major or minor specialisation though and besides no specialisation is written either on marksheet or on certificate. Will my candidature be rejected tell me what I do now

ANY BOB SO Marketing aspirant...?????

 ANY BOB SO Marketing aspirant...????? 

Is  there anybody who have done MBA from Manipal university in this gp