Life @ FLAME University (Pune)

The year 2013 has been a golden year for FLAME with some major achievements.

We would heartily like to thank our faculty & students for making this possible.

The deadline for FLAME's Campus Cycle admissions is just 10 days away! Make the most of this opportunity by applying at

#AlumniDiaries: I had only read about learning from peers, influential professors, and cabalistic beauty of a place. FLAME made it all come alive for me. It is amusing how every student who sets foot in FLAME invariable refers to it as home. There has to be something magical about it. It is this magic that led me to want to learn, to want to know more than I ever imagined I would. FLAME made me see the astounding power of education; a holistic one."

- Hemakshi Meghani (Class of 2011, Teach for India Fellow)

The deadline for FLAME's Campus Cycle admissions is just 10 days away! Make the most of this opportunity by applying at

FLAME Investment Lab (FIL) aims to provide its student members skills to help them improve their understanding of the financial markets. It is a medium that bridges theory with practice. FIL tries to mimic and show, as closely as possible, how investment decisions are made in the real world.

We have our next Alumni meet from Friday, January 10, 2014, 8 am to Sunday, January 12, 2014, 5 pm

The renowned head of Vedanta Resources - Mr. Anil Agarwal visited FLAME and provided a tremendous opportunity for students & faculty alike to learn from his successful journey.;=1

FLAME congratulates our very own Prof. Suniti Vadalkar for the Ph. D degree award received for her doctorial thesis 'Design: from manual to machine - in Indian newspaper advertisements (a case-study based on 'Sakal').

Here is an experience of our very own Alumni and their Life at FLAME: “ I completely value freedom and I cannot possibly live if I am not given personal space to grow learn or make mistakes. FLAME has been a perfect haven for me. I was indecisive because I was passionate about nothing, liked nothing in particular and did not know what to do with my life. Liberal education is a boon to me as it gave me the platform to discover myself. I got introduced to courses that I never imagined I'd love. FLAME is one of its kind as it introduces its students to a variety of things, involves students to interact one of the best faculty, professionals and entrepreneurs. I have grown and become a better person here because this college has contributed to my holistic development. Apart from academics, Discover India Program, ELITE leadership program have enriched my experience in this college.”
- Aakrati Gupta (Class of 2012)

With just about 2 weeks left for one of the best annual sports fest here at FLAME, the excitement grows bigger and bigger. Kururkshetra-This year too has some exciting surprises lined up for you.

Register at Prizes up to Rs. 4 lakhs to be won.

After last year's successful stint, our spectacular inter-collegiate sports fest is coming soon to make its presence felt at FLAME again. Are you ready to enter the battlefield?

Not everyone is good at sports or other recreational activities such as dancing or playing a musical instrument. This is why we have VuonoGigantas, is a space where students of the FLAME community come together to explore the world of virtual gaming. The main objective of 'the Gigas', is to deliver a platform for everyone to find their A-game.

How about a game?

Glorious visuals of victory and enthusiasm were witnessed last year at Kurukshetra.

Here are some of the moments that trigger nostalgia!

Be a part of some inspirational talks and speeches with some wonderful personalities on Straight Talk. Join us this Wednesday at FLAME for bowl full of knowledge.

Alumni Diaries: FLAME is different. That is why they were skeptical about it, and that is exactly why I wanted to be here. Separated from the superficial system, away, in this tiny valley, where I have not much to do in the day but to learn and grow. Where, teachers are receptive not just to our concerns and issues, but also to our interests and requirements, offering us tailor-made courses to suit our interests yet raising the bar to a level much higher than we believed we could achieve. Where, the teachers teach because they have so much they loved to offer and passion in their subjects to pass on. Where, I can walk in shorts to a class, which is held at the inspiring lake to appreciate the beautiful day. Where, I am not a mere recipient of a system structure, but an active participant in it. Where, I am nurtured in the intimate space as an individual, yet made confident enough to step out in the world outside. It stands out in its uniqueness, just the way it prepares me to be. €?

- Jayati Doshi (Class of 2012)

Just another morning at FLAME and the sun shines over the dorms. The good campus life!

7 days to go for one of the best sporting events. 11 sport events leading to 1 trophy.

Kurukshetra 2014 will be nothing less than an epic battle of the best sportsmen. Are you ready?

A condolence & prayer meet has been organized for Varun Kumar of FSPA-3 today at Kalidas Amphitheatre at 12 PM.We request your presence as we extend our heartfelt condolences to Varun's family on the bereavement caused by this devastating calamity.

The 1st Regular Admission Cycle for all programs of FLAME is now open.

Apply at- before February 10th, 2014.

It's time to wait with a bated breath as 2 stalwarts enter the cricket field today for what's anticipated to be a nail-biting match! May the best team win.

Few hours to go for the most exhilarating inter-collegiate sports fest in the vicinity-Kurukshetra!

How excited are you to enter this coveted battlefield?