Introduce yourself - II

hi i am kanishk
can any one tell me about rgipt rae bareli
i am in the eml iit jee on 17455
what r future prospects after this course from here
ple also give me suggestions on university of petroleum engg. dehradun

hi everybody my name is chandrasekhar

hi guys
I am Maitreyee Deshpande
doing job in satyam hyderabad.
I hv just started preparing now....this will be my first and last attempt
don't how i will fare with the bonds
but wl give it all till d last

hey guys..this is karthik here a third year student with an aim of cracking CAT 2009...but i totally suck at can someone tell me how to improve in it?????

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Hello Frnzz,

This is Lalita Swami, student of PGDM-II from JIMS College.

hi guys&; u doing..
me sowreh fighting for cat2009.
hope you all will AID ME......

hi guys&; u doing..
me sowreh fighting for cat2009.
hope you all will AID ME......



hi all....
so journey for CAT09 has been started ....seems i m a late comer....actually never tried earlier to login pagalguy...but really got impressed by seeing such a community....basicaly learnt alot by 'MY CAT prep days' by those guys who have mede it to iims...earlier my prep was to solve arun sharma more n more no of times.....less oriented towards mock paper...which has taken its huge toll...but this year it will be a different ,for sure....
for intro part....working in PSU power sector with huge work ex of 7 years chennai....

HI its pradeep patil one more to join cat race.
I am too much motivated to do it this time.

Hello to all

hello to all , i m tapan from new bombay

i want to crack CAT in the 1st attempt , though its a long road to go b4 i even get near to the level required to bell the CAT

hello guys....this is Sathappan Annamalai,,,,,,,looking for some guidance regarding joining mba through mat exams...plz give me sum guidance guys,,,,,,,,,,,

i got 86% in MAT 2009 is eligible up to 2010 jan......whether i can apply any colleges there any opening still available.........please help me to find any colleges.............


Friends cds here.

Hi frnds,, Another one in the competition...
i m rookie_123 aka Sonu from delhi...
i have been workng in IT for 2 years...
Now after having some exp i desperately want to crack CAT '09.... and i am very much sure tht PG wil really help to achieve my goal....
Thanks and welcome to all
Lets start it:cheerio:


Me Dev from Trivandrum, Kerala.

Completed B.Tech in E&C; in 2007. Working at USTGlobal Pvt Ltd, at Trivandrum since November 2007. Life is good, company is good but I feel i should do something big.

Desperate to get into IIM in June 2010.

Took CAT2008 for trial ( It was my first mock/actual experience). Got:

Overall--> 80
Quant --> 75 (Ego, took away a lot of time)
DI------> 15(Was left with 20 minutes for DI)
VA------> 92(RC was good :cheerio:, wasted a lot of time on VA:nono:. Should have used this time in DI)

Any way my destination is IIM, so need to improve a lot.

Expectations from PG:

1. Comparson of my performance with the best people.
2. A good friends circle
3. Help and learning resources.
4. Life at the top institutions

I came to know from the pdf download that QQAD is good. How can i subscribe?????

Please help....

Hi Junta

This is Ajit from Kolkata.
My CAT 08 strory : 93%le

SNAP : SIBM Rejected in GDPI
GLIM -do -

Others: No Calls

I am science graduate with 10+yrs experience in IT. I want to do distance MBA in IT. I want to know what are the best suitable options for me and what is the industry value (considering my industry experience) of distance MBA