Infosys Candidates Waiting For Offer Letter

It has been one week. I gave the interview in infosys on 21 December.Recruiter told me that its not final that they have many approvals  and they will contact me in 14 days .It has been 1 week already and I did not get any mail from them.What are the odds of getting offer letter?

hi there , anyone waiting for operation executive offer letter from infosys interview dated on 23 dec 2019 can join here

I got placed in infosys on campus in my college , many of my friend got there offer letter on 1st jan but i didn't got it yet. Can anyone tell me when will i get my offer letter???

Is there any One who recieved login credentials from infosys after giving assessment test on 19th, Jan 2020 and interview on 20th, Jan 2020 ? 

I had attended SE Offcampus drive for fresher in H.B. Raisoni college, wagholi PUNE, assesment test was on 18 janu 2020 and interview was on 20 janu 2020, still not get mail of selection or rejection, guys what about you? upto when we have to wait of mail from them?

I have attended the Infosys interview on 20th jan 2020, and after 3 weeks got a mail from Infosys team to send my documents, then I got a mail that they have received my documents nd currently examining but it's been almost two weeks I didn't get offer letter, can anybody help me in this?

I have attended the Infosys interview on 20th jan 2020 at GH Roisoni clg, and after weeks got a mail from Infosys to send my documents, then I got a mail that they have received my some of my friend got offer letter on 26 feb. But i dont get, i cant understand why i don't get offer letter. Can any one have any mail id to contact infosys team? please share me

I reached banglore and attended the interview on 2 march 2020 at infosys bpm, jp nagar.The interviewer told that they will send me mail. Till now no response what should i do

I attended a walkin at infosys. After clearing of my 1 str round i got a call from HR for 2nd round which is a technical round. After giving the 2nd round of interview no one came back to me whether i got selected or rejected. But suddenly today i got a mail from HR to submit documents. Am i selected? or not. Could some one assist me on this.

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi I selected in Infosys in September 2019. Till now waiting for offer letter.

I got selected in Infosys.Had salary dicussion with HR & Have submitted my documents as well. And HR confirmed me on 20th March that they will release offer letter in 2 weeks..But after not recieveing it for 2 weeks, when i enquired with HR, she told that due to coronavirus impact, release of offer letter is on hold. I have not yet got the offer letter, neither HR is answering to my mails.

What does this mean? My offer got cancelled.?

I got selected in infosys in August 2019.Till now waiting for offer letter.


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Anyone attended Infosys drive for AKTU in Feb'20 ?

I got selected in infosys in november 2019,Till now waiting for offer letter.

Is something like this happen with infosys that he told to wait for offer or call letter and never send that..

Upto what longest time infosys send the offer letter?

I had interview on 19th June and hr negotiation and submission of all documents done by 30 th June. Thereafter the offer letter is yet to be received. Initially due to system issue and later on processing of approvals. If anybody can suggest how much more time it might take