IDBI Manipal School of Banking

kisika interview hua ki nhi aj

Aaj ke IDBI interview questions share kro..........

jiska interview ho gya yar apna exp share kar lo tumhe best wishes lagengi sabki......

IDBI Interview on 16th Sept.Time:1:30pm Venue:Chennai

Doc verification started at 12:30pm. They took a lot of time in completing the process as they were checking each and every doc.Interviews did not start till 3.30pm.

My turn for interview came at 6:30pm..Already exhausted and frustrated,I went to face 4 ppl sitting inside (3 male and 1 female)

Questions started from:

-Being a B.TECH why Banking.

-Tell me about yourself and family

-How many IDBI branches in your home state and where

-Where do most of the people from your home state go for higher education?If every one goes outside,how will your homestate progress?

-What is attractive about IDBI?

-What are the different products provided by IDBI

-What is different between savings account and current account

-Why do banks provide interest on savings account

-any recent news on financial inclusion i.e jan dhan yojana

-Recently a news came about UBI and IDBI,what was that?

-Before that news CMD of UBI resigned.What was the reason?

-What do you understand by NPA?

-What are the cause of large NPAs in banks?

I answered all the questions but feel some answers were great enough to meet up to their expectations. Fingers crossed.. Hoping for the best.. All the best guys 😃


  I hope this will help while preparing for the Interviews....

IDBI Interview Date: 17th Sep., Delhi, General category.

I was the 1st candidate to give the interview in my Panel. Asked questions like Family background, Describe about yourself. Jan Dhan Scheme, Wud you be able to wrk in Slum areas as you have preferred metropolitan cities in CV(had a pretty good discussion about this), What do you know about IDBI, Why you want to join us, How will you do Time Management?

They were observing me and my answers very carefully. At last, one of the members in the panel said you have answered every question asked very nicely and gave a smile and asked one more question about my skills and told me to answer it straight forward in one sentence.

All the best..:)

What to write in professional skills/ strength in cv format??...

what are bank's major source of income and expenditure ?

My IDBI interview experience on 18 sept...kolkata::::

1.why u want to join banking
2. what is NPA,How to handle npa

3.about my state

4.indo-bhutan relationship(dont be scared....i was wasked becoz I mentioned my hobby as keeping traCK OF  international relations)

4.banking comes under which sector(service)...what is most imp for service sector

5.if we take u what difference u can make to the Bank defination on success

guys the IDBI  interview process was not well organised...everything was in mess unlike bank of varoda where evrything was smooth as silk.........

My IDBI experience today.. Delhi

1.Tell me something about yourself

2. what do u know about RBI

3.what is repo rate

4. what do u mean by bank rate

5. In which bank u hv account? is there any idbi branch??

6. Have u ever visited idbi bank?

7. what is difference between credit card and debit card.?

8. what are the functions given in ATM?

9. name of any 3 daily newspaper which is totally related to finance?

10. name of chinese president?

11. Any one issue which they are going to discuss today?

banking bahut ho gya subeh se interview lete lete thak gye.. gaana wana gaa skte ho? yes.. thn i started singing hume tumse pyar kitna..

then one of the panel member asked me that do u listen songs of honey singh?? i said yes.

phr bolte hai uska ek new song aaya hai. have u heard that??

i replied yes sir smethng related to chamatkar.. then he smiled and bola nhi bhai woh superstar hai..

then said that chalo kuch toh galti kiya aapne..

then last question was when is ur exam??

My interview experience of IDBI at Delhi on 18th......

tell me about urself and family....

why banking after B.Tech

full form of ATM and how many ATM are in India...

what is Bank....

Types of Account....

difference b/w credit and debit card

about that place from I belong

one current question

difference b/w mainframe and super computer.......

How much interest giving on saving a/c by banks...

what is smart work(as i mention in my CV)

thats all..............

Can anyone tell category wise interview dates for idbi manipal?

Today is my Is good.... They asked why banking...SAARC summit...whit label ATM......and background.

19th [email protected] icon.....abt u r self...why banking..grilling on this...abt bank...functions...e commerce, banking...enggr subject questn..just 1....abt football as dats my hobby.....nice experience....relax all and perform...all d best....

19th sept ..kanpur..idbi branch civil lines... introduce yourself..graduation subject detailing (mine was political science)... fdi... work experience related questions (i had a experience of workin in ngo).. ngo related questions... why not proper mba where as this one year prog...hdi ranking of india..most prosperous state of india..kashmir issue... that is it... all the best

when will bob results out.Any idea??????

IDBI DELHI panel 2 tell me about yourself? why banking after KYC norms ? documents for kyc for a company verification ? maximum interest on saving b ac. ?  family background?

20/09/2014. Kolkata 9:30am Panel I
1.What's the meaning of ur name?
2.So r u really friendly? (As meaning of my name is - a friend )
3.Tell me names of any 10 of ur friends
4.Are these ur fb friends?
5.Which college did u study from?
6.Introduce urself
7.Army is all about discipline. So how disciplined r u?
8.U did ur Mba from a very reputated college. Did u not get placement?
9.Y did u leave icici securities?
10.Here too ur boss will shout on u n ur co workers will snatch ur business. How will u react?
11. What was ur job profile in icici securities?
12. What were the products u dealt with?
13. How did u managed an angry customer?
14.Being a Bengali y don't u know how to write in Bengali?
15.idbi is a govt organization but its working is exactly like icici securities. People here r young n aggressive. So what to u expect from this job?
16. What job profile u will prefer in idbi?
17.u will b given the position of relationship manager in retail n customers relationship. How r u perfect for it? many savings ac u will b able to open in 1 month if posted in Kerala?
19. Do u know Hindi? Should we talk in Hindi?
20. U have already done Mba n again u will need to do pdgm n invest money ur time in it. Y do u think this job is worth it?
21. Suppose we post u i n Mumbai where u will need to face travelling n accommodation problems; how will u b able to do business n reach ur target in such situation?
22. What is the surety that u won't leave idbi?
23.So r u committed to banking sector?

In my interview today I was told by the interviewers that the job profile of IDBI is completely related to sales. It requires selling products including insurance and opening bank a/c. They also told me that the job profile will be that of Relationship Manager in Retail & Customer Service. I am not sure whether they said so check my interest in IDBI or they really meant it. If anyone has any idea about Job profile in IDBI Bank please does share.

are the interviews over now or still going on???