[Free Ebook] GDPI Anthology - Over 500 pages of IIM GDPI experiences in one ebook

can't agree more.. awsum book.. just started readin it

Hey guys,

Its an awesome book, very informative and helps future aspirants in preparing themselves for the PI. Thanks a lot for this wonderful work.:D

Can't download the ebook....some problem with the link !

really liked the line on the second pg of the book which says:

Special copy prepared exclusively for me ;)

PG rocks!!!

Thanks PagalGuy.....

Book is totally awesome. :)) thanks puys

I am not able to download the book

I have got some calls that I desparately want to convert. Can someone send me the book :help-please:

Hi Can u please send me d book i couldnt download it

great initiative will help people in their gdpi preparation.
I would suggest you make a gdpi cluster for other b-schools as well...
Thank you for this one though

The link which u hav posted is not working.......kindly send fresh links

unable to download.. goes to the final page where it says.. it must be downloading now..
but nothing happens..
please help! 😃

I am not able to download book, the posted link doesn't seem to be working.
Please help..

i am nt able to download it....if u have den kindly send it at my email id which is [email protected]....

Dear all,

Given the awesome response from puys for the All I Wanted to Speak about CAT ebook, we asked ourselves, What other content on PG could collate into another awesome ebook that people would cherish to have?

The answer was obvious... all the GDPI experiences of top b-schools posted by puys over the last six years.

And so then began the gargantuan task of collating these experiences in one place, organizing them, reviewing them for quality and eventual inclusion into a possible ebook.

Thanks to the PaGaLGuY Madcapz Team, who took it upon themselves to collect and organize the massive database of GDPI experiences and compile them into an ebook, we today bring to you the PaGaLGuY GDPI Anthology 2006-2010.

Download your personalised copy of the GDPI Anthology - PaGaLGuY Books

The first edition of the ebook contains 500+ pages of GDPI experiences from the last 6 years at IIM A, B, C, L, I and K.

More b-schools will be added to the ebook soon.

Feel free to download the ebook and gift it to your friends/loved ones. We would love to know your feedback about the book on this thread.


Hi Apurv, I'm unable to download the book. Should i PM you my mail ID so that you can send it across?

Same problem.. Please mail it to [email protected]

Not able to download the book..pls help..

I guess the book has been removed frm the server.....can any kind soul please forward the book to me too?? 😃

thanks...nice work..

Guys..I am not able to download the PDF..I think it is removed from the server.Can anybody please mail it to me? my mail is is [email protected]

Thanks in advance.

Yes, the link does not seem to be working properly.
Here puys,I downloaded it from scribd. Try this link
GD PI prep

ATB!! 😃

Yes, the link does not seem to be working properly.
Here puys,I downloaded it from scribd. Try this link
GD PI prep

ATB!! :)

thanks this works:)