DMRC CRA cut off

CRA : 22 FEB 1st shift, join here with ur objections or uh cn inbox me.. will share whatsapp discussion group link, so that we cn discuss on our response

Dmrc cra actual marks paper 1

  • 60 to 65
  • More than 70
  • 65 to 70
  • 40to 50
  • 50 to 60

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Someone please send me the Cra question paper at [email protected]

lots of error in answer key ...22 feb 3rd shift

In graduation computer skill was one of my paper. Do I need 6 week computer course certificate?

Got 113... any chance??? Cut off Kya ja sakta hain??

Share no.of question wrong in your shift with question id ,date and shift

27 feb 2nd shif no.of wrong  question?

5 answers r wrong from maths on 22nd feb 3rd shift paper

Tatal marks out of 75?

  • 45-50
  • 30-35
  • 35-40
  • 40-45
  • 25-30

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22feb 2nd shift: share if u get any wrong question......

75 me last year cutoff kitna gya tha

21 st feb 3:30-5:30pm...(cra).no of question wrong??

i think it's 2

share yours..

What is the safe score out of 75 for cra for both general and obc category?

 Getting 46/120 and 36/60 How to calculate out of 75? 

Assistant manager 53.83/75

Cra 48.67/75 cat ur


Got 50 out of 75 gen

First paper.....72(R)....26 (W) Second paper....35 (R)....21 (w).....any chance

Where/ how to find answers?? please Respond, bhagwan tumhara selection karwaega