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OA 94.2 sectional clearing all. 10/12/grad- 90/91/76. Any chance of getting a call? (GEM)

is there any sectional cutoff for DFS. DBE?

Last date to apply TOMORROW: 6th January 2020 Criteria: 80% CAT + 10% Class 12th + 10% Class 10th No GD/PI. We welcome MBA aspirants to a holistic learning experience with a perfect balance of academic learnings and corporate exposure. Standing tall in the AA B-School Category, our ROI is unmatched and unprecedented at over 8500%. With the highest CTC of 18 LPA, Dream location of North Campus - Delhi University, and rich heritage of 25 years, we are one of the top choices for MBA aspirants in the country. Experience the thrilling MBA-IB life at the Department of Commerce.

Is there any sectional cut off for NC obc

Is there any sectional cutoff for General category? If yes, what is it?

Do I need to upload my CAT results separately?

Is there any point in applying for DFS if I am not clearing sectional cutoff in VARC?

Hello, is there any sectional cut off for ews category, and what is the minimum cat percentile required for the same? Please answer.

maths and three other subjects is considered ?

Is there a reservation for  CW - Children / Widows of eligible Armed Forces Personnel ?

Cat 2020-91.71 10th-79.8 12th-78.2 Graduation-6.03 cgpa Gem-ews fresher Do i have a chance of getting shortlisted or not?

CAT 2020- 88.83 (96/35/90) EWS Category 10th- 89.3 12th 80.2 (83 in mathematics) BBA graduate. Do i have a chance?

Hello Team,

CAT OA: 94.97

VARC/DILR/QA : 88.02/82.37/96.88

10th : 95

12th : 95.6

12th Maths : 99

Graduation: 93.7 

GEM, Fresher

Any chance of getting a call ?

Category -EWS(Engineer) 10th -86.17% 12th (best 4) -90.75 % 12th Mathematics -95 % Cat -91.39%ile What are my chances of getting wat/pi call for Finance and BE ? @dfs_team

Hello, CAT 2020 OA 91.16 EWS Category(Male) 10th 92 12th 96.66 (Best 4) (Maths 100/100) Can I expect a call from DBE?


I have paid the application fees and received the SBI receipt but there's no acknowledgement from your side. Please provide a solution.

@dfs_team CAT 90.38 10/12/grad( 90/94.5(best 4)/61.35 Maths(12th) 95 24 months of work ex Chances of getting a call?

CAT - 90.5 10th/12th/Grad(bcom)- 76/92.25(best4)/62 1.5 years of work ex Chances of getting a call?

EWS Category

My cat score is 86%ile VARC 71%ile, DILR 97%ile, QA 67%ile.

10th - 87.4%

12th - 92% (top 4)

Graduation 73.56% ( 2019 pass out

no wrokex

is there any chance of getting call from DFS?


EWS Category

My cat score is 84.78 %ile 

VARC 71%ile, DILR 89%ile, QA 83%ile.

10th - 78%

12th - 90% 

Graduation 68% BBE passout from DU

is there any chance of getting a call from DFS?