Department of Financial Studies, University of Delhi, MBA(Finance){Erstwhile MFC} Official-[2021-23]



general male non engg

Percntile- 96.87

class10- 93.1 

class12- 90.25   maths score- 95

graduation- BBE DU- 73

what are my chances for dfs/dbe


CAT OA- 94.64

10th- 86.2

12th- 76.50(Best of 4)

12th Maths- 83

What are my realistic chances in DFS, DBE.



I have applied for DFS, DU for academic session 2021-23.

I got CAT- 98.19 percentile, with all sectionals above 85%.

10th - 9.6CGPA

12th marks - 96.5% (best of 4)

12th maths - 99/100

I am a General Engineer male, with work ex of 3 years in Bajaj Auto ltd.

What are my chances of getting a call/ conversion considering my non-finance related work ex?

And also, what will be the topics that one need to focus on for interviews?

Is there any group where we can get to see the past interview experiences of the students who have converted the calls?


Cat -91 10-90 12-86 Grad -73 Work ex - 20 month Ews My chances ??



VA- 96.08

DI - 83.3

QA - 86.32

OA- 93.07

Good past Acads

Chances for DFS, DBE?

Overall 79.79 percentile NC OBC category any chance in dbe dfs dbe ubs

Hello!! 10th 82.2% 12th 57% Graduation : 8.15 CGPA CAT 90.02%ile Workex - 1.5 yrs EWS Engineering Male Any chance of conversion for dfs dbe?

Cat percentile 94.93 10th 10 cgpa 12th 90.25% best 4 Maths 75/100 B.Sc in Biotechnology 9.52 cgpa Do i have a chance of getting a call?

Hey OA - 88.75 10th - 92.6 12th(best of 4) - 96.8 12th math mark- 99.5 Grad - 74 Male Engineer OBC- NC Very much interested in finance Any chance of getting a call from dfs

Hi Team,

I have filled the application form, i have not recieved any confirmation/acknowledement mail (although I have the transaction reciept).

When I logged in the website, in pay section it is still showing that I need to pay?

Please help

Hii OA-85.13 NC - OBC non engineer male .. Do i have chance of getting call ?

Hello, I have 89.11 in cat 10th 80 12th 77 Grad 63 Engineer, NC-OBC.. where should I apply among dbe, dse, dfs to get a sure call, what are my chances for dfs...

Hello I have 95.01 %ile in CAT 2020 10th 91.1 % 12th 80% Graduation (pursuing) 78% General Non Engineer Male Can I expect a call and what are the chances for conversion Please help

When to expect GDPI call list..????


VA- 96.08

DI - 83.3

QA - 86.32

OA- 93.07

10th - 91.2%

12th - 84%

Btech- 73

work ex - 34 months till Jan

DFS and DBE chances?

Filled the form , paid the application of Rs2000 for both the DFS and DBE campus today. Received the payment receipt but no confirmation of payment in my account. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Criteria: 80% CAT + 10% Class 12th + 10% Class 10th

No GD/PI. 

General Non Engineer Male

VARC- 78.86

DILR- 75.15

QA- 95.84

Overall- 91.04 %ile

10th - 93.1%

12th (best of 4) - 95.5%

12th mathematics score- 95/100

Graduation (pursuing)  - BMS - 84.4 %

No work ex.

Can i expect a call from dfs or dbe ?

Do we have to enter best of four in Classs 12 marks? I am from MP Board and we calculate the percentage from all 5 subjects.


General Engineer Male

VARC- 92

DILR- 73

QA- 98

Overall- 95.5

10th - 84%

12th (best of 4) - 88%

12th mathematics score- 79/100

Graduation  - B. tech - 89 %

27 month work ex.

Can i expect a call from dfs or dbe ?