Compare MBA colleges

Which one would be better for finance?

  • Fore
  • IMI New Delhi
  • Tapmi

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which one has better placements for hr  ?

  • imi kolkata
  • imi bhubaneshwar

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Which one is better for Finance

  • Nirma University
  • Great Lakes Gurgaon
  • FORE

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which is better?

  • tapmi pgdm
  • imt dcp

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  • GLIM PGDM Gurgaon
  • Welingkar Mumbai PGDM Cor
  • NIBM pune

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Should I go for lbsim general pgdm or nirma general Ogden. Which one is better?

overall which one 

  • poll check
  • ximb bm
  • iit kgp

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Which one would be a better option based on ROI and thw whole MBA experience?

Confused between finance and HR. Not interested in marketing. 

  • KJ Somaiya PGDM
  • UBS chandigarh
  • Tapmi PGDM

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GEM fresher.

  • liba
  • dsm dtu
  • nibm
  • nirma

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I have two choices. Please vote for the better  B school in terms of Opportunities, Pedagogy and Placements. Thanks in Advance.

  • XaHR (XIMB)

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Which one is better for PGDM..??

  • IMI Kolkata
  • XIME Bangalore

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Guys need some serious advice, which college is better among Nirma, BIM trichy and LIBA Chennai for finance? Please help me decide, I don't know anyone who is studying in these colleges, please comment the reasons if possible

  • Bim TRICHY
  • Liba
  • Nirma

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Which is better from future perspective

  • Nibm
  • Nia
  • Bimm

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Which one is better for marketing.


  • LIBA Chennai PGDM
  • FORE Delhi PGDM
  • Great Lakes Chennai PGDM

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Guys, I have a call from both Tapmi and Great Lakes Gurgaon.. I've to pick up marketing.. I don't mind average package or alumni strength.. I need an excellent pedagogy and holistic growth. Please help me out.. TIA!

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  • Great Lakes Gurgaon
  • Tapmi

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Which one to choose for mba/pgdm?

  • BITS Pilani
  • NMIMS Bangalore

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Which one is better for finance for a fresher?

  • Welingkar Mumbai
  • Bimtech
  • IFMR

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-Delhiite -Fresher -For Marketing

  • GIM PGDM Core

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Interested in marketing

Pls help ;-

Converted calls-

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  • GLIM Gurgoan PGDM
  • Nirma MBA Core

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