CAT 2019 Aspirants

10th: 10 CGPA (95%)

12th: 88.5%

Btech: 85.74 (tier 2 pvt college)

0 work ex.

What percentile should I aim for to make it to the IIM K, L, I, S?


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Three participants from the 39th batch of IRMA’s flagship Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Management (PGDRM); Vipul Singh, Sharadchandra Vilasrao Solunke and Ujwal Narasapur; won the first prize at Chausar 2019: The Annual National Consulting Conclave conducted by Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Delhi.

We congratulate them on this achievement!

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Hi!CAT Aspirants 2019-20,JIMS Rohini started inviting applications for the coming batch, 

JIMS, Rohini is a top runner B-School in India with international accreditation and it remains in the list of elite B- Schools in India (Top 75) for the forth year in row by NIRF 2019. The PGDM programs at JIMS, Rohini are AICTE affiliated with AIU and NBA accredited.

JIMS Rohini have an intake of 300 students in their PGDM programs with a teacher student ratio of 1:15 which provides a student friendly environment by giving students personal attention.

The average package a PGDM student gets is Rs.6.50 Lacs p. a and the highest went upto Rs.17 Lacs p. a.

JIMS also have an incubation cell to enhance the skills of students interested in entrepreneurship.

JIMS has competent core and visiting faculty members, infrastructure, activities and is easy to reach.

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Hey please can anyone tell me what should I do for work experience because i am getting paid in cash and don't have any bank statements and payslips what should i do? Will it be a problem at the time of admission? And should I fill it in my workex? I have an experience and offer letter, please help.

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Can someone share simcat this year and previous year question paper with solution

Guys from TIME, does any one have Questions to SM1002864 questions?


 Among the members of club XYZ, 42% are post-graduates, 43% are sportsmen, and 44% are politicians. Among them, 12% are both post-graduates and sportsmen, 13% are both sportsmen and politicians, 14% are post-graduates and politicians, and 4% are post-graduates, sportsmen and politicians. Thirty-six members of XYZ are neither post-graduates nor politicians nor sportsmen.
How many people come under exactly any two of the three categories? 

GD/ PI tips and tricks to crack CAT 2019

Group discussion (GD) and personal interview (PI) are integral part of CAT exam and thus are as important as online test.

 Here are some tips and tricks to crack 2019. Let us first discuss about

GD. Group discussion is conducted to test communication, content and clarity, confidence,leadership skills, problem solving and decision making skills. Here are some tips to crack GD.

 Try to have three-four entries of around 20 seconds. Avoid placing your all points in one


 Try to get an entry within first 2 minutes. Try to enter the GD when others are taking a small

pause. Be loud and assertive on points.

 Support your point with data. Read newspapers regularly so that you don't fall short on

content. Some of the latest topics are crude oil crisis, economic slowdown in India,

automobile industry slowdown, ground water crisis, new traffic rules and fines, and odd

even rule.

 Don’t get personal. Do not try to prove others wrong in a GD. Don’t point finger on any

group member.

 Mind your body posture, gestures, hands placement and movements. Avoid giving any

sign of having anxiety or lack of confidence.

 It is good if you take lead, open the discussion, ask other group members to place their points and propel the GD forward, conclude and close the GD. Remember that it is not necessary to arrive at a consensus in during a GD.

Now coming to personal interview, the classic opening question in a PI – ‘Tell me something about yourself.” You have to be very clear and specific while answering this question as it can make or break the interview. You can steer the interview the direction you want by answering this question wisely. Typically, you should talk very briefly about your family, education, career goals,strengths, weaknesses, curricular and extracurricular achievements, projects/work experience and hobbies. By answering this question, you are not only letting the interviewer know you better but also you are giving the enough feed to interviewer to put next question that you would be

comfortable with.

Next important thing to remember is that you should not be in hurry to answer when you are not sure about it. It is always better to take a minute from the panel, think over and then answer the

question wisely.

Also, it is okay to say ‘I dont know in an interview’ Instead of guessing or giving a wrong answer.

Be humble and state that you are not aware of the facts. You are not supposed to know the

answers of all the questions. In fact, there are certain questions which don’t have a specific

answer. Such questions are asked by the interview panel to check the thought process of the

candidate. So try to answer logically.

In a nutshell, you should try to be logical while portraying your skill set during GDPI.

Tips To Clear The Cat Exam Without Coaching

CAT 2019 aspirants would be aware of the fact that it is one of the most reputed exams conducted in India. It is crucial to use smart tricks while preparing for this exam, instead of relying on conventional studying methods and beaten-down methods learnt from textbooks. All aspiring CAT takers have their strategy when it comes to preparing for this exam, and there is no right or wrong way to crack this test while some may choose to learn through books and prepare for the exam themselves or opt for online CAT coaching classes. 

Here are the top 5 tips to clear the CAT exam without coaching 

Two participants from the 39th batch of IRMA’s flagship Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Management (PGDRM); Vipul Singh and Ujwal Narasapur; won the first prize at Inventum - The Case Study Competition at Prabodhan ’19 - The annual HR and Leadership conclave at IIM Indore.

We congratulate them on this achievement.

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Has anyone got any Testfunda mocks left?

Hello Aspirants,

With CAT'19 just a couple of days away we hope that your preparations are almost done. To help you with your preparations, here are some useful tips that will support you in the examination.

All the Best!!