anyone wants Byju's classes online account + Material + (icard also if interested to attend the classes) ???

hi i am in need of byju study material or online videos. 

Please share the conditions with me.- [email protected]

Pls give me byjus videos On [email protected]

yes please give me neet lecturer videos

Surely Plzz give it to me plzz Or else plzz give me your account plzz bro plzzz

you can even check the updated material on MBA Rendezvous.. 

Need byju's cat videos complete . Please mail me on [email protected]. WhatsApp : 8447195126

Hi Friends, Could you please share the Cat Videos and material to this below mail ID

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Thank you in advance

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Anyone interested to purchase TIME Study Material?


Booklets: Set A, B and C

Hand Out Sheets: VA, LR, DI and QA

Hand Out Solution Booklets: All

GD/PI/WAT: Supporting booklets.



Plz send me material on [email protected]

Send the material to my mail id please

My mail Id [email protected]

Can you send me byjus lecture videos

will you send me the account details on [email protected]

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Yes. Please send the details at [email protected]

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