[2022-24] IIM Shillong Admission Queries

Can the official adcom give out a tentative number of seats remaining? Or even a tentative WL movement?


After today, I’m at 5 in ews. What you think?!

Call them. Might tell something.

Till when does the admission letters rolled out?I mean i have heard commerce classes for engineers are commencing from this Monday onwards. Do they giving calls after beginning of classes also?

They said if seats are vacant then they will offer. And going by some other colleges, classes have started but they are still rolling offers. So seems like one more week atleast.

u got through?

Has anyone been able to get in touch with the admissions team and have a chat regarding the WL movement? Haven’t got any update today.


People keep saying that the end is near (ik it sounds dramatic), but till what date there will be any movement? Can we expect it to go till June end (as it has happened over the past few years)?

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Any general people who’s waitlisted with waitlist less than 24 and will join if he /she clears the waitlist…

I started with 543 in general category and am now standing at 204.
Any chances ?
Shall I wait?

Mine was 176 in SC, now its 47. I dont think it will get converted

Get in touch with a few seniors, see what they have to tell. They can have a good guage on what’s what.

Till when does the waitlist move?

You can call and ask the admissions office. They shall inform you and instruct you properly on the same. Kindly update us if you do ask.

Yes Divya. I am sitting in the library of umsawli campus rn. Dont worry you will do great. Thanx for asking tho

So I got the offer and have joined. Just asked the AO about further movement. Guys dont expect much now. They said today or maybe tomorrow will be the last movement. Sunday reserved for registrations. From monday even if seats are vacant they wont give any offers. Movement is almost freezed. So take the other best offers. Bcz its unlikely to move more than 5-10 from what i infer. But this is just to give some idea and please dont strictly depend on these nos. Anyway, good luck.

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Any idea as to why they won’t move the WL despite having vacancies?

Bcz the remedial is done today and classes start from 28. Club assignments are submitted as well. So it wont be feasible some1 to join this late

I am at general 3 now. the wl didn’t move today…any chance it will move…or will it not move from now??

Are there vacancies???i don’t think they didn’t move the wl yesterday even after having vacancies