[2022-2024] OFFICIAL IIM Sambalpur Admissions Thread

Greetings from PR and Media Committee of IIM Sambalpur!

We welcome all aspirants to join our official thread for IIM Sambalpur’s Flagship 2 year MBA Program’s admissions thread!

We understand this is an extremely crucial time filled with anxiety and doubts regarding the admission process. This thread is to help you out with all your queries and provide updates regarding the admission process.

All the best!

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No WAT Round in this year’s CAP.

Congratulations and BRAVO to the CAP 2022 shortlists! The momentum will only pick up.
IIM Sambalpur wishes good luck to all the shortlisted candidates for CAP’22.


I have 2021 dated NC OBC certificate with me right now, but I have applied for a new NC OBC certificate which I haven’t got yet.
Can I upload the 2021 certificate for now and later produce the latest NC OBC certificate?

Yes, upload the current certificate and make sure to get the updated one of the financial year 2022-2023.

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when can we expect the SAP round calls ?

Hi, you can expect SAP round calls tentatively on 1st week of February.

Click here to read IIM Sambalpur’s Admission Policy for Post Graduate Programme in Management - Academic Year 2022

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When will be the schedule for PI provided to students shortlisted for PI round.

Hi, kindly check the CAP Website for updates regarding the CAP PI Process: http://cap2022iimtrichy.in/

Dear All,

Greetings from PR & Media Committee!

Congratulations on completing the first half of the journey to your Dream B-School.
As you continue on this journey, we are here to prepare and guide you so that you give your best performance on the D-day.
Check out the PI kit 2022 (https://bit.ly/3604DG5) presented by IIM Sambalpur, which is designed to give a holistic view of the PI scenario to the aspirants.
It’s a one-stop solution for all your needs such as basic PI protocols, behavioral questions, functional questions, domain-specific knowledge and a special section to view interviews from the interviewers’ perspective.

Hope it helps!
Thank you and best of luck with your interviews!



do we have a form correction window, incase I want to edit my application form?

Hi, there won’t be any form correction window. If you need to make any changes after you’ve submitted your application form, you can email [email protected]

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What is the selection criteria of IIM S for 2022-24?

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Click here to read IIM Sambalpur’s Admission Policy for Post Graduate Programme in Management - Academic Year 2022

I haven’t filled workex in CAT form. I don’t know whether proprietorship will count as workex or not while filling out the CAT form. But I correct it in CAP form. I mentioned my workex over there. So IIM Sambalpur will be going to count workex from CAT form or CAP form. If CAT then what will I do to correct it? And till when IIM S will count workex (till which date)?

The CAT form can’t be edited now. Make sure to fill in your work experience in the respective institutions at the time of your admission process. And work experience of a candidate is valid till the date of commencement of classes.

But, I have filled it in CAP form. So in final shortlist from where they will count?

The information you have filled in the CAP form will be considered.

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Till when workex will count in final composite score? And what happens to WAT weightage in Composite score?

The work experience will be considered as per the information provided by the candidate in CAP. There is no WAT so, only PI score will be considered.