[2021] IMS SimCAT 11 (October 2021)

Hustle paying off bro!
Good Going!

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67 Marks overall. Ashamed, feel like giving up.
Never scored this low.


The total marks of paper never dropped so low :stuck_out_tongue:

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cut off marks is 90 … that means 99 percentile is at 90 marks ??

itne marks laake bhi RR.



Bro you score this much but rank hmesha kyn ni aati Top 10 main tumhari ??

ok thanks…i was always confused what that meant

@shubh_0027 because top 10 get more than 135+ on avg

Sim 4 I got Rank 6, Sim 10 should have been Rank 2, but got only percentile (maybe connection issue). Couple more in Top 20, rest are in the 50-200 range. Performance in AimCATs has been better overall.


please tell how to share an image, it says you cant embed images in a post

IG you need Basic/Member level permission. (If you click on someone’s name you can see if they have that tag) Not sure exactly how to get it, but if you use PG for 2-3 days, you will get it automatically.

okay thanks,

i have a doubt regarding the set of tubs, i think the given information is inconsistent, please correct me if i am wrong.

UpperCase letter = Capacity
LowerCase letter = amount initially present in that

According to point 2 => y + w = R - (i)
According to point 3 => R = Y +(W - w) - (ii)

but in point 2 it is mentioned that both white and yellow are completely emptied into red i.e. ‘w’ after step 2 and before step 3 is equal to 0

Point 3 => R = Y + W - (iii)

(i) & (iii) are only possible if Y = y and W = w as there is no overflow
but in the start it is specifically mentioned that no tub is filled to its brim

“Now, the volume of the empty portion of the white tub is the same as the volume of water it initially had” refers to the volume of water in White tub in the very beginning (w), not the volume after step 2 (0).
So for eqn 3 you get R=Y+W-w, not R=Y+W.

okay got it, thanks a lot

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Oh Bad luck , hope gonna see you your name in Top 10 in upcoming SIMCATs

Anyone has registered for MDI ? I completed my registration but now I am not able to login to the portal

which sets you choose

which sets u chose in dilr

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