[2021] AIMCAT 2214 ( 14 Aug - 18 Aug)

VARC - 48 (18C/25A) - could've done better given the avg posts here are 50+

DILR - 20 (7C/10A) - slight improvement. comprehension speeds are still low.

QA - 3 (1C/4A) - insert<Paul Rudd's what the hell happened here.jpeg> here.

Overall - 71 (26C/39A) - mediocre percentile score is expected.

(76%ile = meh)

Onto the next one!

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VARC - 57 (19/21)

DILR - 33 (11/12)

QA - 20 (7/11)

OA - 110

Guys, I have attended lectures for quants once but i have realised I am not at the level I am supposed to be at. Although i am practicing regularly, i am unable to crack questions of higher difficulty, the ones that differentiate good scores and GREAT scores (at least within the time limit) 

Is there a specific course for quants that i can attend, if yes which ones? should i practice differently? What is the key? I genuinely feel quants is my missing link that will make or break my score as you can see above.  

Any help will be appreciated.

59 40 30 / 129 To a never ending streak of low qa scores. Telling myself to "Trust the process!".

VARC - 56

DILR - 20

QA - 15 

Overall - 91. Have to work on DILR and Quants :/ Incredibly low scores in both 

VARC - 48 (17C/22A): Didn't attempt a single Parasummary due to time constraints

LRDI - 48 (16C/20A): Spent like 15+ mins on the cash prize set, don't know where I was getting stuck

 QA - 44 (15C/18A): Every single question was taking a hell lot of time

Overall - 140

VARC 49, Decent for me but then I saw this thread, 60s even 70s laaye hai log like wtf

DILR 39 Couldn't crack the prizes set due to a very silly mistake which I realised now 

QA 38 8W wtf

OA 126 Messed up both QA and DILR, very very poor performance, should have been 140+. 

VARC 59(20/22) I mean WTF?? Motivation de dia isne to continue my prep in this section. DILR 33(11/13) 20 mins left with 2 attempts only. Glad scaled it to 13. QA 28(10/14) WTF again. My strongest section is pulling me down :/ OA 118 Bekar

Nobody is talking about the level of difficulty Quant had, am I the only one who felt the Quant to be on a tougher side?

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LRDI 21 - Solved the set GDP set, could not even mark a single answer

QA 27 1C/17A - RIP accuracy

OA 104 Devastated, after coming so far this hurts

Varc 14 dilr 9 qa-8 Overall 31 ,dare to post here!!

VARC-35(was easy , but isn't reflected in my score ) DILR -18( got stuck in bubble set ) QUANT-31( got 4 wrong , which have to brought down to 0 wrong ) OA-84


VARC- 46

DILR- 28

QA- 17 ( what should i do about this? )

OA- 91

Easy mock, could have scored 110+

 AIMCAT 2214

Honestly, I don't wanna talk about it after such a disaster but what are we, if not courageous enough to take responsibility for our failures and work our way back up. So here goes

VARC - 42 (21A / 15C) - Passages were pretty easy and so was VA. Was certainly expecting atleast 17-18 questions correct. Not sure where I went wrong. But given the recent bad stint I've been having with VARC over the last few mocks, this one's a saving grace. 

DILR - 39 (14A / 13C) - Again, very very easy sets. Would have been better had I solved the GDP set but I spent a little too much time on the prizes question and left both sets unsolved in the end. 

QA - 35 (17A /13C) - Certainly wasn't my best quant. Was constantly distracted by phone calls and couldn't keep up the right mindset to proceed in this section. Felt like I answered all the attempted questions right, but no clue how I got 4 incorrect answers. Gotta analyse. 

OA - 116 (52A / 41C) - Back to the 110s after having promised to reach the 130s in my last post. Maybe it just wasn't my day. To better times and better mock scores. 

Adios :)

AIMCAT-2214 VARC - 63 DILR - 69 QA - 70 OA - 202


VARC - 56 (19C/20A)

DILR - 19 (7C/10A) (as usual, poor set selection )

QA - 16 (6C/10A) (getting constant low scores)

Overall - 91 (32C/40A) 

50/42/33 / 125

Once upon a time quant used to be my strong section

VARC- 44(15C/19A) was easy. Will work to increase attempts! Dilr- 24(8C/9A)...got stuck at sport set!..solved the venn diagram at last but couldn't put ans. Qa- 25 Felt bad.Was practicing qa a lot and then this score comes!! Oa- 93

@shivanisaxena8 @Yatish2812 @Yogifism @abshek21 @Linkinweird @viditp011 @avi_.shrivastava @darknite1409 Hello, I just gave AIMCAT 2214 and I was just able to attempt 15 questions and you guys are attempting 20 questions on average. How much time do you give to RC's? and how many Rc's do you guys attempt out of 4? and how much time you guys give to VA? Please let me know. I need your help!


OA - 91

Got f****d up in Quant. VARC could've gone better. DILR needs a lot of work.