[2021-2023] OFFICIAL IIM Sambalpur Admission Queries

When can we expect the results of the final shortlisted candidates? (approx)

My interview is scheduled on 12th in the 2nd slot and it's clashing with IIM Bodhgaya and Jammu Interview. @IIMSBP I have mailed repeatedly regarding change of slot or change of interview date, but till now I have got no reply. Please look into this.

Which IIM is best ?

  • IIM Sambalpur
  • IIM Bodhgaya
  • IIM Sirmaur
  • IIM Jammu

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What are my chances of converting IIM Sambalpur under SAP?

CAT 90.04percentile, 96/95/89 acads, GEF Fresher with good PI.Ā 

What are my chances of conversion? Cat -89.3 %ile ,89.3/79.6/85.2 acads,GEF FRESHER with avg pi

Cat percentile 92.95 genral female acads 92/89/75 work ex 41 months pi average chances of convert I am engg background

  • Convert
  • No chance

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cat -89.3 acads-89.3/79.6/85.2 GEF FRESHER .what are my chances of conversion

  • poll check
  • direct convert
  • waitlist and convert
  • waitlist and reject
  • reject

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Nc obc Cat 87.7 Profile 95/72/73 Engg male fresher Pi went not that good or not that bad Chance of converting iim sambalpur

  • Waitlist and reject
  • Direct convert
  • Waitlist and convert
  • Direct reject

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General Non- Engineering FemaleĀ 

Acads- 95/94.2/77

Cat Percentile - 92.96

Decent PIĀ 

Chances of Converting IIM SambalpurĀ 

  • Waitlist and Convert
  • Direct Convert
  • Direct Reject
  • Waitlist and Reject

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Cat score: 90.37 ACADS: 84/81.2/79 WORK EX: 9months Decent PI General Engineer Female CHANCES OF CONVERSION?

Ā Cat score: 88.83Ā 

ACADS: 88.66/77.33/78.7

Work ex: 34 months in IT

Ā PI was good

General Engineer FemaleĀ 

Chances Of Conversion??

Hi! When will the results of personal assessment conducted for female candidates be out ?

Hi Adcom Till when is the work ex considered for the admissions process for iim Sambalpur . Till July 2020 or Feb 2021.?


Hi guys, Vikash Sir (an HEC Paris alumnus, with 10+ years of experience) from Breakspace is doing a FREE knowledge session on 10th April 2021. He will be talking about things that we need to do next, life at Bschool, how to have an edge over peers and answering other queries of yours.

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Which one to go for specializing in either Finance/Analytics?Ā 

  • IIM Sambalpur
  • IIT Madras
  • IIM Kashipur Analytics

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Cat 20- 94.72 General non engineer Acads - 83/80/68 Pi was average to above average What are my realistic chances for cap round colleges??

  • Waitlist and reject
  • Waitlist and convert
  • Direct convert for baby iims
  • Direct reject

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Get a sneak peek of life at IIM Sambalpur!

IIM Sambalpur launches Executive MBA Degree Program for Working Professionals -Ā 


Hey guys.....what do you guys think whether there will increase or decrease in the cutoff composite score of the cap colleges.... I've seen a lot of people discussing here about that the cutoffs will go down this year due to less number of students and many other factors......your opinion about this will really be helpful...Thank you..!!

Hi Admin @IIMSBP , a few new and baby IIMs have announced that they would release their results on 21st of May. Will Sambalpur also announce it on the same day?

@IIMSBP I had a glace at your admission policy wherein you provide 50% to profile .Aise mein GEM FRESHER aapke yaha kaise aayega ?