[2020-2022] OFFICIAL IIM Sambalpur Admission Queries

What are the total number of seats this time around?

Is shortlisting done by IIM Sambalpur or by CAP?

What all parameters are taken in consideration?

 PR and Media Committee- IIM Sambalpur recently organized Photowalk at  Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Sambalpur. The event allowed IIM Sambalpur  students to witness nature in its pure form and experience the wildlife  in close proximity. It also provided all the camera enthusiasts with an  opportunity to capture their memorable experiences and get awarded for  the best clicks of the day. Here are some of the glimpses of this  adventurous event. 




CAT- 93.27, B TECH- 7.29, 12TH -93.6, X-10 CGPA, Experiance- 30 M, Female, Gen category.. Any chance



cat:91.8 | all sections above 80%ile

10th:95 | 12th:84 | grad:71

workex:18 months


Any chance of getting call?

Thanks in advance..:)

 CAT- 97.44 (all sections 90+)


work ex- 30 months (till Jan 2020)- IT industry

General Engineering Male

Do I have any chance to get a call for the gdpi round?




X/XII/BTECH - 9.4/85/8.64


Chances of callback?


Category NC OBC, MALE

Verbal : 91.12 , DILR : 87.66 ,Quant: 75.12

OA: 87.66 percentile

10th = 87% , 12 Std= 93% 

Btech - 68.9 %

WORK-EX - 36 months 

Can I expect a call? What are my chances of conversion ?

Cat oa-86.22 Va/qt/di-87/71/90 Acads- 10th-85 12-73 Grad-58 Obc-Ncl Non-engineer Do i have a chance for Watpi call

OA - 90.3 

Varc - 77.33 LRDI - 93.43 QA - 90.71 

10- 9.6, 12TH - 73.4 BTECH - 84.3

GEM with 29 months workex till now and 23 month in cat form. 

any chance of a call? 

Will IIM Sambalpur be releasing an extended list at lower than cap cutoffs for female candidates 

Dear Aspirants,


The PR and Media Committee of IIM Sambalpur congratulates you for getting shortlisted for the WAT/PI process for the admission of Batch 2020-22.

It is our endeavour from IIM Sambalpur to guide you through the process and make it as smooth as possible.

To assist you with your preparation we have composed a WAT-PI kit that covers basics of all expected topics for written ability test and relevant questions for personal interview. It also includes fundamentals of Consulting, Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR , Analytics and Entrepreneurship.

Download link -  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hhKqERn5nrRq9psGMJtC9_n6chEaflhX/view?usp=sharing

Wishing you all the very best!!

 Will IIM Sambalpur release an extended list just like iim bodh gaya did?

Request update on extended list date

Should we expect the extended list today. Will appreciate a response from IIM Sambalpur PR Committee

Admission Policy for IIM Sambalpur MBA Batch 2020-2022


What are we supposed to revert for confirmation for WAT and PI conducted by IIM Sambalpur? Could you please enlighten with the content that is to be send on the mail? 


Hi adcom,whle applying for CAT due to late process I havent got EWS certificate, Now I have got it .I am eligible for IIM sambalpur under ews .

Is it possible to apply for IIM sambalpur GDPI now,

IIM Sambalpur Extended list out? Kindly respond.


I have been shortlisted for CAP 2020  WAT/PI process for IIM Sambalpur but while filling CAT 2019 form last year I made a  mistake in class 12th aggregate percentage section. I appeared for class 12th CBSE improvement exam also in the  following year of my class 12th board exam and have two mark-sheets for  class 12th due to which I was in confusion. Can I change my class 12th aggregate percentage now? Please confirm if I can continue with  selection process or not. My CAT ID is 9015728.

Thank You