[2017-2019] MDI Gurgaon WAT GD/PI Experiences

All the best for the GD/PI . Please share your experiences in this thread. Please follow the format provided to post your experiences.This thread is dedicated to sharing your GD/PI experiences. Kindly refrain from having any other discussion in this thread.
Experience FormatCAT OA Score:Section 1:Section 2:ProfileX:XII:Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:Work-Ex (number of months):Sector :VENUE:
Slot:Panel No:
WAT Details:Topic and other relevant details:
GD Details:Topic:Number of People present:Time:Other Salient Details:
PI Details:Panel Members Intro:Questions:Your Expectations :All the best&nbsp


All the best for the GD/PI . Please share your experiences in this thread. Please follow the format provided to post your experiences.This thread is dedicated to sharing your GD/PI experiences. Kindly refrain from having any other discussion in this thread.

Experience Format

CAT OA Score:







Undergrad Major - 


Work-Ex (number of months):

Sector :



Panel No:

WAT Details:Topic and other relevant details:

GD Details:Topic:

Number of People present:


Other Salient Details:

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Your Expectations:

All the best

Female engineer. 10th- 90+ 12th- 78 B.Tech- 79

CAT OA: 94.2

What are my chances and how should I prepare?

 CAT OA Score:168.30-99.53 percentile



QA: 95.9




Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:B.Tech(ECE)-68%(fresher)

Work-Ex (number of months):0


Morning(9AM) 17/02/17

Panel No:3
WAT Details:Teachers should not be given non academic positions(**My essay wasn't that great)
GD Details:Same as WAT

GD was not that great either,no fish market as such but too little time and the same points kept getting repeated-I butted in 3 times-that's all

Number of People present:12

Time:15 Minutes for WAT,15 FOR GD,interview was around 10 minutes long

Other Salient Details:
PI Details:TL;DR:Hadn't revised acads and had not been asked acads based questions in IIFT and Indore interviews,my MDI interview started with 3 technical questions which I did not answer that well. They seemed disappointed and then shifted to politics which I was able to answer well.

Panel members: 2 faculty members-a lady and a gentleman


Q1.Tell Us about yourself

**Throws Baits so that they ask me questions on GK,Current Affairs and/or politics

Q2.What is the difference between electronics and electrical?

Q3.How do we expand the range of digital signals?

Q4. What is an amplifier?

(They said I should have answered these questions properly)

Q5. Who is the Vice President of India?What is his role?

**I said that he chairs the Rajya Sabha

Q6.What is official post called?

**Said that it is the equivalent of Speaker In Lok Sabha(Later got to know it's called Chairman,should have linked it with 'chairs' the Rajya Sabha)

Q7. Total number of members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?

**I said that there are 240 members in Rajya sabha(got to know it's 245 later on) Replied correctly for Lok Sabha

Q8.Which community do the 2 nominated members in Lok Sabha belong to?

Q9.Who are Anglo Indians?

Q10.Which house was Manmohan Singh a member of when he was the PM?

Q11.Where did he contest the elections from in 1999?

Q12..Which state was he an MP from in the Rajya Sabha?

Q13.How are Rajya Sabha members elected?

Q14. How can a Rajya Sabha member become the PM?

Q15.Why do you want to do MBA?

Q16. Why are your acads below average?

Q17. Why did you leave Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies to join engineering?(**Had mentioned that when he aked me about my interests in engineering)

Q18.What are your qualities?Were they reflected in your GD?

Q19.What do you know about MDI?

(**Blurted out its full form,year of establishment,2 prominent alumni-should have also talked about different clubs etc)

I guess despite my high percentile,I won't be able to make it to MDI this time. All the best to everyone else! :)

Cat OA Score:96.24 VARC:97.41 LRDI 92.88 QA: 88.38 Btech:72.55 12th: 90% 10th:93.80% . 16 months work ex in an IT company. How should I prepare if I have marketing as my First preference. 

 CAT OA Score:132.30-96.62 percentileVARC:95.xxLRDI:90.xxQA: 95.xx 




Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:B.Tech(ME)-7.66 

Work-Ex (number of months):30

WAT Details:Jallikkattu Should the Ban Continue
GD Details:Same as WATGD was not that great either,mini fish market as such Fair performance in GD.Number of People present:12Time:15 Minutes for WAT,15 FOR GD,interview was around 10 minutes long

Other Salient Details:
PI Details:Started with questions about work ex.Kept on asking about nature of work & challenges faced in work.Seemed satisfied & shifted to GD where I was criss crossed on points raised in GD.Panel members: 2 faculty members-a lady (P1) and a gentleman (P2)


Q1. So you already have some management related experience . What do you do exactly.?

Q2.What is the basis of your costing?

Q3. How does the two industries ( Project & Manufacturing) where you have worked in differ in their Procurement Modus Operandi?

Q4. What are the challenges you faced?- Started explaining was blocked in between asking if my work was only technical related. Then shifted to purely cmmercial challenges.

Q5. How do you chose the suppliers? How do you negotiate?

Q6. How do you benchmark?

Professor 2- Silent through out kicks in now.

Q1. You told every process gets adulterated over a period of time . How can you say like that?- Linked it to How Jallikkattu used to be & how ineffective control has adulterated the sport. Linked it to how continuous improvement is vital for any process.

Q2. You told the Jallikkattu issue is an HR issue ? How?- Answered

Q3. Do you know UCC?

Q4. Whats your stand on UCC? - Very sensitive and to be handled with great care.

Q5. Talaq issue ? Do you think government should go ahead with a ban or let the culture continue.- Answered how a middle ground is the best exit possible.

*Both Professors smiled and told you are speaking like a consultant. Come on we want to know your stand*.


Professor 2 -YESS!!!..Good!!.. Thats all from my side. Asked the second professor if she wanted to ask something.

P1- You may leave. 

12 minutes in total.. Dont know what to make of it .. 🙈 

I got my CAT percentile 94.76%

VA- 93.5%

LRDI- 77.9%


10th - 92.71%

12th- 89%

B.tech- 62.1%

WAT : Jallikattu- should the ban continue? 

GD : average GD. everybody was in the favour. not much of a discussion. 


two panelists 

P1: how are you chetan? 

M: fine sir. 

P1: so how many questions did you ask from your predecessors. the ones who came in before you? 

M : none sir. 

P1: why? are you scared?

M : No sir. i am not scared. i just don't discuss because every individual has his own personality and every individual gives the answer according to their own perception. so no point in asking, when i have to face it all by myself. 

P1: from which part of India do you belong? 

M : north India sir.

P1 : can you tell me how many states are there in North-east? 

M : 7. known as 7 sisters. 

P1: name them. i asked you two questions. number of states and name. don't worry, I'll help you out. 

M : names 4. he names 4.

P1: so which of these is not the part of 7 sisters? 

M: sikkim

P1: good. it's simple. so what is your work ex? 

M : 7 months including January.

P1: where are you now? 

M : i am currently based as a GET in bundi under the rotational program of Adani. 

P1: tell me more. 

M : sir, adani has a 9 month rotational program in which i am relocated to new place after every 3 months. at first I was sent as a GET to meda Adraj, in ahmedabad. then after three months, to mangalore and now in Bundi, rajasthan.

P1: what is the difference in each three? 

M : yes sir, i was coming to that. in Meda Adraj I learnt about the non-edible section of the oil business which mainly dealt with castor oil. in mangalore, i looked after and learnt about the edible oil i.e. palm oil and sun flower oil. and in bundi i am looking after electrical maintenance as it my core. 

P1: so in castor oil, what is commodity derivative? 

M : sir except the oil, the portion that is remained, is a good fertilizer. it is called DOC. it is of two types. normal and high proi. it is used as per the yields required. 

P2: what is the full form of DOC? 

M : it has no scientific name. just de-oiled cake. 

P1: what do you understand by commodity derivative? 

M : according to me, it must be something that is produced apart from the main product of the company. 

P1: no, that's not right. you have 4 years of experience, don't you? (looking at my profile) 

M : no sir. only 7 months. 

P1: ohh then you won't be able to answer it. so your background is electrical? 

M: yes sir. 

P1: i have this thing messed up in my mind. when i go to buy an appliance. like AC. should I say electrical gadget or electronics? 

M : sir I'll start with the definition. anything that uses electrical components like resistors, capacitors, etc are electrical gadgets and those which use sensors, PLCs, diodes are electronics.

P1: i know this thing. how can I distinguish between the two. what is AC or a fan. 

M : sir fan is an electrical device. it runs on a  single phase induction motor with capacitive start. AC is a combination of both. the power that it consumes comes from distribution transformer, that is electrical. and sensors and switches involved in it are electronics. 

P1: But what is the difference? 

M : sir electronics deal with power of very less voltage like 5 volts and sometimes millivolts. electrical deals with very high power. 

P1: okay agreed. one is power other is? 

M : sir sensors, made out of fast switching circuits since they use less power like thyristors and all. 

P1: see you are limiting yourself to one gadget. in fan also, if i change the regulator number, the speed will change, just like i press button to change the temperature in AC. there must some intelligence to it. 

M : no sir, there are no sensors. 

P1(cutting in between): arre leave it. this can go on and on. you gave me one point. i am not convinced on further. 

P1: how many states are there in india?

M : 30

P1: which is the latest one? 

M : telangana

P1: what is it's capital? 

M : i am confused sir. i don't know. 

P1: Hyderabad 

M : sir i was confused that's why i didn't say anything. 

P1( to P2): you want to ask anything? 

P2: ever heard of amravati?

M : no sir. 

P2: what will you do after going out? 

M : I'll check about Amravati. 

P1: you are interested in HR too. why not IM

M : sir i am not eligible. it requires 2 years work ex. 

P1: okay. great. have a nice day. 

M : may i leave now? 

P2: yes you may. have a nice day

M : thank you sir. you too have a nice day sirs. 

This is how my PI went. about 10-15mins. how was the PI. what are my chances?

For date of birth proof it says 10th class passing certificate is to be provided is this proof for date of birth necessary or any other date of birth proof will do?

 I got my CAT percentile 96.23 VA- 98.88% LRDI- 83.54 QA-90.54
10th - 93.67% 12th- 91.6% B.tech- 75.10% 21 months work ex.

Interview date: 23rd feb, MDI Gurgaon

Wat: Is India ready for digitisation from cyber security viewpoint to become a cashless economy?

I think the GD went well and had put across good points in the discussion.


I was 7th in my panel and had already heard stories of how our panelists were slightly grilling on knowledge.

As I entered P1 was in his seat, P2 was outside.

P1: So you are from ECE. You were in Telecomm Testing. Talk about the marketing startegy of Reliance Jio infocomm.

Me: Sir by introducing free tariff plans initially, they have gained a lot of subscribers that were earlier using mostly Airtel, but their service is not upto the mark because of lack of Interoperability towers (for which present telecomm operators are responsible). So most people are using JIO as an alternate sim. Though, many people who had not been using 4G earlier have subscrbed because of JIO.

(At this point P2 enters)

P1: So you say Jio has absorbed Airtel's subscribers?

Me: No sir. Most people are using Jio as an alternate sim.

P1: Name an expensive product you have bought?

Me: Sir regaring telecomm or..?

P1: Anny product which you have bought.

Me: Sir Lakme youth infinity cream (I am a girl :D). It costs Rs 700 for 300mg.

P1: Now what if this cream is available for Rs 300. Will you buy it?

Me: Sir by Lakme or some other company? Because Lakme is a reputed brand.

P1: Some new company say.

Me: I wouldn't want to take chances with my skin with a new brand sir.

P1: Now what if Lakme starts selling it for Rs 300.

Me: Sir even then I would think that probably this product is not doing well among masses so they had to slash prices.

P1: What are your future plans?

Me: Sir a few years from now I wanna be in a position to lead.

P1: So you could get married then?

Me: (smiled) I meant sir leading a business firm. That's why I have applied for the general mgmt program...so i can learn all aspects of a business- marketing,Finance etc.

P1: Which specialisation would you want to go for?

Me: Sir first i will learn about all specialisations in my 1st year and then opt one on basis of how I am doing in those subjects.

(At this point they were  trying to make me chose a specialisation but I didnt because I knew it would invite Technical questions)

P2: have you prepared for this interview?

Me: Yes sir.

P2: what have you prepared?

Me: Sir current affairs, acads etc.

P2: What's share buyback? It was in news recently.

Me: Yes sir. TCS and Cognizant have bought back their shares. (told definition of share buyback)

P2: Why would a company buyback it's shares?

Me: Sir shareholder sentiment was low because of Brexit, Donald Trump which had hit IT sector..to in order to mantain consumer sentiment

(he was about to cross question me and then suddenly switched)

P2: Who are sharelholder's of Unilever?

Me: Sir dunno.

P2: But this contradicts your statement that you have prepared for this interview.

Me: Sir probably it's something that I have not looked up. I know somethings some I don't.

P2: Which Unilever product you use?

Me: Hindustan Uniliver product would be Dettol (Incorrect, it's Reckitt Beckinser's)

P2: What have you read in current affairs?

Me: Tamil Nadu politics. Legislative ass elections.

P2: Why didn't they make Sasikala CM?

Me: Sir she had a disproportionate assets case against her.

P2: Who decided that?

Me: SC

 P2: No it was not SC.

Me; Sir i think it was SC only as HC had granted bail to Jaya and Sasikala after spending one month in jail.

P2: SC has awarded the jail sentence! Who decides the CM of a state?

Me: The political party that we chose to power.(not exact answer...Legislative members decide through a vote, P1 even gave me a hint but I dint't catch it)

P2: Why are we even discussing politics in a B school interview?

Me: Sir becuse politics affects businesses.

P2: Give such an example.

Me: Sir I wouldn't take names. But when an Ayurvedic FMCG wanted to introduce it's products in market, existing noodle brand was embroiled in a controversy)

P2: But that was not a political decision

(Was about to give justification, the P1 said interview is over you can leave)

Overall, my interview was lenghtier tha others in my panel. At least 20-25 mins. But not sure if this is positive or negative.

Any thoughts?

Least cat percentile at which a guy got in at mdi Gurgaon? Any chance at 95-96? What are the final weights attached to cat gd wat acads work ex diversity and PI?

CAT percentile: 98.18 

X : 87.11

XII: 86.57

B.Tech (CS): 9.04

Work Ex: Infosys (30 months)

Date: 27th February, 2017. Venue: The Golkonda Hotel, Hyderabad.

WAT: ' Problems unite us; religion divides us '.

I completed at around 10 minutes mark since there was a 150 word limit but saw everyone was writing long essays anyway; so added a few points later by marking * in the middle . 😛  

GD didn't go too well; it was a civil discussion but I could only pitch in 3 times, once with a counterargument and twice with extension of points already made.

Interview: Two panelists, an aged, experienced professor(P1) and a middle-aged lady (P2).

P1: So, tell me about yourself.

Me: Told about my schooling, college and work ex, the kind of work I do. ( I work for Infosys for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) for their e-filing system).

P1: So, is there any proactive measure on the MCA to prevent the scams like what happened with Satyam etc.?

Me: Told that at least one whistleblower has to come fwd and complain, MCA has mechanisms to take note of complaints seriously, told them about various front end services for complaints, how complaints are processed in backoffice

P1 interrupted me. : So you work in SAP technology, tell me full form of SAP.

Me: Told

P1: What is BAAN?

I couldn't get this initially. I thought he was talking about Autobahn, but actually he was asking abt the ERP systems company.

Me: Sir, are you talking about Autobahn?

P1: What is Autobahn ?

Me: Told.

P1: Why are they in the news recently? 

Me: [I had no idea], told there have been a spate of accidents recently and the German govt. is thinking revoking no-speed limit criteria.

P1: What is the difference between B.tech on CS and B.tech in IT?

Me: Explained somewhat roughly with examples of some subjects. (At this point I was nervous as I had mentioned subjects like automata which I had not studied since 4 years )

P1: How many bytes in a kilobyte?

Me: 1024.

P1: Why 1024?

Me: Explained with the help of switch on-off , 10 switches 2 states etc. (In hindsight, I think it would have been better to explain with bits, 0s and 1s).

P1: What is ASCII?

Me: Told.

P1: Is there a competitive standard to it?

Me: Yes Sir, Unicode standard.

P1: What is the difference ?

Me: Told.

P1: What is NASSCOM? What is its full form? What do they do?

Me: Told.

P1: Who is the chairman of NASSCOM?

Me: Sorry sir, but I'm nt aware.

P1: Can you tell me one famous ex chairman?

Me: Narayana Murthy (wild guess, proved to be a lucky right one later).

P2: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Me: Told.

P2: What is your CAT percentile ?

Me: Told.

P2: What other calls do you have? 

Me: Told.

P2:  Ok, thank you , you can leave now.

Overall a very relaxed affair; didnt last more than 15 mins. I thought I could have answered a couple of questions better, but as usual it was the GD which I feel would take me down. 😛  

Mechanical Engg; 2+ exp in manufacturing
WAT/GD: Should healthcare services be commercialized.
PI Experience : Moment 1 : " You are into production management, so I think that it is not related to your mechanical Engg studies " ( Tried to explain how it was related ) 

Moment 2 : <After a few ques related to SI and CI engines> "Tumne to gari kese start hota hai wahi pata nahi hai, Mechanical padhe ho ya nahi" ( I guess I would have answered if I was asked 😄 )  
Everything else went smooth. 


 How to answer Why MBA Question ? 

When I  was preparing for my Interview long back especially for NMIMS  &  IIMs, I always dreaded when I was faced with this question “Why MBA

I always gave some prepared/rehearsed/regurgitated response. All of my answers were  like these ones given below.   

1. “I was always interested in pursuing business degree after my graduation.”  

2. “I always saw myself as an Investment banker.” (Even when I had no idea what an Investment banker does)  

3. “During my work, I realized that I was more suited for business  side rather than technical side.” (I don’t know how I arrived at this  conclusion) And all other responses revolved around this.  

a. I want to be in positions of higher responsibility  

b. I want to have more decision making power  

So I thought of showing you a method to answer this question rather  than giving some standard copy-paste answers. I call it “Bridging the Gap” Technique  

It includes 5 Steps.Use  this 5 step framework to answer this question. If you don’t include all,  your answer will be incomplete. (At least try to include as many steps  as possible)  

1. What experiences have led you to this point and this ambition?  

2. Why an MBA now, at this point in your career?  

3. What do you want to do with your degree, in the short and long term?  

4. Why an MBA from this school particularly?  

5. Why an MBA at all? (Why not MS, PhD, switching job/field) 

If you try to answer your Why MBA question considering all these 5  steps, then you will have very solid answer to talk about in actual  Interview. The most important part you do here is to connect your past to future  

The interviewer panel is asking you . You must show that the MBA is the bridge between you yesterday and you tomorrow.  

Paint a picture of a future that rests naturally on your past,  assuming the MBA from the school in question. Past, present and future  can be presented  in any order. What works will depend on the details of  your situation. You may want to follow this map    

  1. Start with short term goal
  2. Then get into your long-term goals
  3. Tell them Why MBA is relevant to these goals
  4. Support this with what in your past has led you to this point
  5. Finish it with particular aspects of the B-school that are relevant, attractive to your stated goals

I think this process will help you to fine-tune your “Why MBA”   responses, rather than giving the same old responses which don’t work,   you will atleast make an effort to think from these 5 different angles   and come up with totally different and unique response.  

Have a look at this response

"Sales and marketing is something that has always interested me  whichis why I decided to pursue my specializations and all internships  relating to it (Past)

 An MBA will provide me with 3 critical pillars which will help me achieve my short and long term goals. 

Firstly it will provide me with a much deeper and formal insight on subjects relating to marketing and sales management (Future)

An MBA from SP-Jain in Marketing will not only enhance my learning  through its top notch faculty but will also provide me with a lot of  exposure through its global fast track in Darden school of  business,University of Virginia and docc programs. (Why the particular  B-school)

Secondly it will help network with best brains of the country from  diverse backgrounds and interact with top notch faculty who are experts  in the field of marketing. (Future)

Moreover my background in BBA-Marketing/Sales will go a long a way in  adding value to the PGDM batch particularly in Marketing and Sales.  (Present)

Thirdly it will help me in career progression and provide me with an  industrial connect and a chance to work with companies like HUL and P  & G as branch or area sales manager. (Future)

Moreover working in these companies will give me valuable skills in  sales and distribution which will provide me corporate exposure beforeI  go back to my our own business" (Future) 

(Do you know what happened to him, he converted SP-Jain at just 86%ile with no work experience)

If you have any questions on how to handle "Why MBA" question, comment  below or message me personally. I will see if and how I can help you.

Best of Luck for your Interviews. 

How long would be the WAT GD/PI process for people scheduled at 9:00 am in morning like what is the entire duration for the three ?

Mdi interview experience

Cat- 99.56

Wat gd- Are MNC's superior to Indian companies?

It went okay. Spoke a couple of times

Pi experience. 2 panelist.  One male. One lady.

P- So you are from durgapur?

P- Where does your father work? 

P- Where is he now? 

P- you are from computer science background? Sir aap ka hain. Ap hi lo

P- So what do you know well? 

Sir software engineering and OS

P- What is software? 

Sdlc, cost estimation, Test

P- What are the various tests? 


P- what is iterative model?


P- How can you make the software when a customer keeps adding functionalities.

Ispe 5 min baat hua

P- Suppose you work for infosys. What advice would you give to sikka  

Advice about? 

P- you know about the US thing right?

The visa issue? 

Told about the visa.  And what can i do. 

Was interrupted twice saying that stop thinking like a manager. You can do that once you enter a Bschool. Tell me from a software engineer's perspective

Told. Was not convincing.  

P- What do you know from OS? 

Here i fumbled a bit after the sikka question.

P- Take your time. Do you want water? 

No sir I am okay. 

Told scheduling, Critical section, unix linux

P- What is the difference between unix and linux? 


P- Why do we need open source code?


P- If it is a open source code. Everyone can change it right?

Sir we can download the source code and then we do our changes. Examples- Ubuntu, Redhat

P- So what if someone changes the source code? What will happen then? Anyone can do that?

Sir in that case we have a set of moderators who look after the source code and any unwanted changes can be removed. 

P- okay we are done. 

Done. No why mba. No percentile and calls.

Mdi ka sapna khatam. On to other calls. 

 In the past has anyone with 53% in B.tech and 97.4%ile in CAT and 2 years of work ex been able to crack MDI pgpm interview? I understand that with an exceptional interview I will definitely crack it. But what about my chances with a decent performance?  

when do the final list for mdi comes???

Mdi experience

CAT 97.63

x-83.4 xii-88.8 grad (bcom)- 60.44

work ex- own restaurant for 19 months with partners

wat- space missions are waste of resources in an already resource starved india

no fish market, entered 3 times with valid points

PI- a male n a female

p- whats the full form of llp 

me- limited liablility partnership ( my firm was an llp)

p- so why did u leave?

me- had a fallout with partners, they had a different vision n i had diff

p- so when u left how did u take ur capital out tell in terms of a commerce grad

me- the money i invested was listed under partners capital n i took a 15% interest from the day i invested to the day i left n converted it into a long term loan of 12 % pa

p- so what did u do there

me- i managed the day to day activited from advertising, promotion, expansion oppotunities to customer interaction, staff controlling n cost cutting

p-what challenges did u face?

me- the biggest challenge i faced was that if u increase costs then the footfall drops n if u reduce the costs then the quality of crowd takes a hit so there was a balance to be maintained

p- if u join mdi what specializatn would u take

me- avoiding the ques with the default answer of after one year

p-no tell me!

me- i would go for finance as m interested in stock market(biggest blunder)

p- how do i decide if i conpany's share price is over valued or under valued 

me- took a pause. Told couldnt recollect

p- what is stt

me- securities transact. Tax

p- whats the diff between stt n longterm capital gain

me- stt is applicable in stock markets only n long term isnt

p- is there a way i can sell stock n not pay stt

me- didnt know. He told through buy back

p- whats The current tax on long term cap gain

me- didnt know so took a chance with old one n he said its wrong

p- ok u can go

no ques on what other calls, %ile, why mba n stuff

adios MDI 🙈 

 CAT OA Percentile: 95.32 VARC: 93 LRDI: 81 QA:96 Profile X: 89.6 XII:91 Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 69.5 Work-Ex (number of months): 28 Sector : Technology Consulting VENUE: Kolkata Slot: Morning Panel No: 2 WAT Details: Topic and other relevant details: Topic : Drinking water is more important in rural india than Pepsi or Coke. Wrote some points but I think exceeded the word limit. (150) GD Details: Topic: Same topic. GD turned out to be a Fish market, moderators stopped us in between... Was only able to speak once, that too after requesting everybody to please let me speak.  Was cut in between and then was not able to pitch in. Number of People present:Time:Other Salient Details: PI Details: Panel MembersIntro: ( Male P1 and P2) Questions: P1 : So we are in the first floor right? Me : No sir we are in the second floor. P1 tried to counter but I was sure enough. P1: What is the name of this room ? Me : Vine P1 looked impressed, P2 was not bothered. P1 : So what do u do in Pwc? Me : Explained. P1 : We have trouble placing testers... Companies dont want testers. If i were owning a company I would first scrap testers. Testers are useless I think. Me : Explained why testers are required. (Tey seemed convinced enough) P1 : So what idustry does your client belong to? Me : Sir I work in an internal project so Pwc US is my client. P1 : You say you do a bit of consulting, So what if I ask you to renovate gthis room. what will you do? How will you make this GD PI experiece better? Me : I think Sir if you increase the size of this room it will do a better justice to the 12 people GD because I could not hear people properly because of the echo ( made a mistake here).  P2 comes in hear . P2 : But your problem is echo right? If we increase the space echo will increase right? Me : Yes Sir, I think the proper term would be reverb.  P2 : So if we pad up the walls of this room, then also the reverb will reduce right?  Me : Yes sir. ( Dumb face ) P2 : So what do you think? Give me one answer, Increase the size or padding? Me : I think sir yours is a better solution. I would go with padding. P1 : So you did Power Engineering. Must be having basics of Power Engineering clear right? ( smiling at me ) Me : Yes Sir. ( Yaha faat gayi thi meri, cause I knew waht was coming. I dont remember a thing about Power Engineering) P2 : So tell me in a layman's term, what can we do to reduce power theft?  Me : Could not put in much points. Insulation, Voltage regulation and stuff. Was not much convinced. P2 : your area is under CESC right? Me : No Sir its under WBSEDCL. P2 : You sure? Me : Yes sir. P2 : what is the last municipal corporation in your area? Me : Made a guess, they did not react. P2 : So Govt is spending a lo9t on higher eduction these days. Constructing IIMs and IITs. what do u think about it? Me : Explained how I felt primary education was more required and only when people from all sections of society have recieved a min amnt of education should we think of formng new higher education institutes. Funds should be properly distributed. They did not counter question me.  Both : Thank you. Left. Your Expectations: Overall it was a 15 mins interview. They were initially impressed (I think) but then it went out of hands. Was not confident in my answers but was crisp. Not expecting much. What do u guys think ? :/