UPSC NDA 1 – Notification

Date of notification release – 8th January 2020

Last of Application – 28th January 2020



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UPSC NDA/NA 2019 Eligibility Criteria

  • Short Description:

In order to be eligible to appear for these exams, it is first important to check yourself and tick off each box of the eligibility criteria.

  • Physical Criteria:

The candidates must be physically and mentally fit as per the prescribed rules of the UPSC NDA and NA Exam I and II. Hey need to be able to face the test of physical fitness and mental capabilities at the same time to appear for this examination.

Those candidates who have either resigned or withdrawn from training academies of armed forces on disciplinary grounds is ineligible to appear for this exam.

  • Nationality:

The following are the criteria to be met in order to be eligible to be able to appear for examination:

  • The candidate willing to appear for SBI Clerk exam should be an Indian holding an Indian citizenship.
  • If a candidate is a subject of Nepal, Bhutan, a refugee from Tibet who has migrated to India with the intention of settling in India permanently is eligible to appear for this examination. But migration should have happened on or before 1st of January, 1962.
  • Candidates who are persons of Indian origin and have migrated to India from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Kenya, Burma, Vietnam with the intention of settling in India permanently are eligible to appear for SBI Clerk examination.
  • Persons of Indian Origin, who have migrated from east African countries like Zaire, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Ethopia, Malawi intending to settle in India permanently can also appear for SBI Clerk Exam.

The above candidates who are persons of Indian Origin need a certificate to that effect from the Government of India which they have to present along with the list of documents.

  • Educational Qualification:

  1. For Army Wing of National Defence Academy:

The Candidates must have 12 pass Certificate. The education must be in the form of 10 + 2 pattern of School Education or equivalent examination of any nature conducted by a State Education Board or any University.

  1. For Air force and Naval Wings of the NDA and for the 10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme at the Indian Naval Academy:

It is the same as the criteria stated above. The candidate must be 12th Examination Pass which must necessarily in the form of 10+2 class or any other equivalent education recognized or conducted by State Board of Education.

Special Note:

  • Those Candidates who are appearing for 12th Examination in the format of 10th + 2 form or such equivalent educational qualification as conducted and recognized by any State Board of Education is considerable for this examination. If such candidates clear the SSB Examination and yet cannot produce original Matriculation or 10+2 or any such equivalent certificate, they must forward a self-attested photocopy of the same.
  • The candidates who are appearing for their 11th Standard Exam are not eligible for this exam
  • Those candidates who are going to appear for 12th standard examination must remember to submit their proof of passing 12th Examination or any such equivalent examination by the prescribed date. The date for submission of such proof is 24th December, 2018 for NDA I paper and 24th June, 2019 for NDA II Paper. This date is not subject to extension on any grounds of request whatsoever.
  • The Ministry of Defence debars persons from holding any type of Commission in the Defence Services. Such person shall not be eligible to appear for this exam.
  • Candidates who have failed INSB or PABT Examination are not eligible for Air Force.

3.5. Age Limit:

  1. For NDA and NA I Examination, only male candidates can apply. They must have been born not earlier than 2nd July, 1999 and not later than 1st July 2002.
  2. For NDA and NA II Examination, only male candidates can apply. The candidates must have been born not earlier than 2nd January, 2002 and not later than 1st January, 2003.
  3. The candidates appearing for NDA I or NDA II paper must not be married.

Important Note:

  • The date of Birth that is entered in Matriculation Certificate or in the certificate issued by Secondary Board Education on clearing 12th Examination in the pattern of 10th +2 Years or any other equivalent education that is recognized by the State Board Education shall be the proof of Date of Birth.
  • When the candidates adduce any of the above proof they rely on the date of birth written in the passing certificates. Any request for the change of that date shall not be entertain able on any request whatsoever. Thus the candidate must ensure that they have correct date of birth enter in their examination certificate.
  • The date of birth so claimed by the candidate must be final and no subsequent change shall be made in that record whatsoever.
  • Since the requirement is for unmarried, the candidates must undertake to not marry under the completion of their full training. The candidate must be aware that if he marries before the completion of the training, he must be discharged and the cost that the government has incurred on his training shall be refunded by the candidate to the government.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. A candidate that clears all rounds of assessment is known as a cadet. The cadet then is allotted one of the 18 squadrons. These squadrons have different names like Charlie, Delta, Golf, Hunter, Kilo Lima, Oscar, etc. These are academies in which the cadets are expected to stay. Each squadron has around 100-120 candidates. These cadets from include junior as well as senior courses.
  2. The cadets are given a stiffened of Rs.21000/- each.
  3. The cadets are supposed to obtain a three years training from Pune. On completion of this period, they will be allotted a degree in B.A./Computer Science from JNTU.
  4. After that, a few of them go to the army for further training, few to the navy and become the sub-lieutenant and the ones who opt for air force start their career as flying officer.