DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #13

Being from a communication background, Airtel was the perfect internship opportunity to crack. The world is moving towards M2M and Airtel is leading this space in India, be it mobility or DTH. The best thing about Airtel is the knack to innovate as they keep on improving their capabilities to enhance customer experience.

As an intern, it was an exceptional


DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #12

There is no better way to launch your career than summer interning at India’s central banking institution, Reserve Bank of India. I was chosen to Intern at RBI’s Kanpur branch and was allotted the most hectic yet energetic, active, lively, and eventful department to work for ‘Foreign Exchange Department (FED)’.

One of the many things that make the RBI experience


DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #11

Mobile telephony is paving the way for an unprecedented digital empowerment for millions of people in India. In 2014, the country topped as the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market. The availability of low-cost smartphones, tablets and customer friendly data tariffs is driving internet penetration across urban, semi-urban and even rural areas. The increasing number of smartphone users in the global market


DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #10

Being a fin-thusiast, working at one of the big four was a dream come true. Interacting with directors and partners alike has boosted my impetus to have a career in consulting. Being an active member of support, I had a first-hand experience in data mining and analysis. I was always watched over by managers, not in a manner of scrutiny,


DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #9

“Being a part of the TATA group is a dream come true. The brand name not only provides you with the requisite exposure but also grooms you in the ways of corporate life. My summer internship at TATA International Ltd opened completely new horizons for me. It gave me an opportunity to learn about the International Market under the excellent


DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #8

“The best part of your internship will be your innocent ignorance of the fact that your seemingly simple ideas have the power to change a company’s future.”

I feel indebted to Daimler Group for providing me with an opportunity to actually experience the culture of a global firm in its true sense.

As an integral part of the Marketing team,


DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #7

“As a travel enthusiast, I wanted to know how this sector works and landed in India’s no. 1 travel group as a Product Management Intern in redBus. The internship here offered me a real-life work experience.

Being a fresher, the word “job” is not familiar and quite frightening. The best way to approach an internship is not as a requirement,


DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #6

“A world of opportunities at Kellton Tech!

My summer internship has been a wonderful experience that enhanced my learning curve. It gives me the privilege to introduce Kellton Tech as a leading enterprise in providing Digital Transformation services providing umpteen opportunities to learn along with a great work-life balance.

I was working for the marketing department. It provided me an


DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #5

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it from you.”

Indeed! I was fortunate enough to get the chance to explore myself in Kellton Tech for 61 days which I am sure will last forever.

I interned with the marketing department of Kellton Tech to get the taste of marketing. The whole internship program was not


DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #4

“I was intrigued by the culture at Mother Dairy after speaking to some of my acquaintances who had gone through the summer internship at Mother Dairy. As Mother Dairy is one of the largest companies in India. I felt that an internship at Mother Dairy was a great platform for me to gain deeper insights from the large network spread