SPJIMR PGPM Admissions 2020 [Official]



Which is a better score, 86%ile in CAT OR 640 in GMAT for SPJIMR PGPM Course? 

Also, how is the score parity determined between different exams?

Anyone received the reminder for submiting the gmat score

Has anyone's application status changed post giving the interview?

I gave my Gmat yesterday and my interview is on 31st Aug. I wanted to know do we have to submit the score through GMAC? And how long will it take to reach SPJIMR as I heard it takes more than 7 days?

Any one or anyone's friends below 600 GMAT score got selected? Just to ask if SPJAIN accepts below 600 score

Hi Guys, i gave my gmat yesterday. As it takes 7 days to get the official score card. So can you please suggest me how i can send my gmat score card to SP Jain as today is the last day to submit score. 

Hello All, I gave my interview on 31st. It was for Operations. 1st Interview was just for 5-10mins for me and the other guy with me. They did not ask any questions about past experiences and or anything much. Just asked about Bullwhip effect and how can it avoided and introduction about me. 2nd interview was about a real life incident and to provide a feedback. Overall I thought, it was not a thorough interview. I cannot even judge whether I could be selected or not. Did any one got the same experience? Did you get selected? 😅

Hi Guys,

I am looking forward to apply for Profile bases selection for 2020-22 admissions.Any idea when will the registration start?

Any chances of new offers being rolled out this week ?

When will the final results of PGPM interviews be posted/disclosed?


As i gave my GMAT on 30th August, i send the snapshot of the printed scorecard to SPJain as 31st is the last date to submit the score. Today I received my official score card. Do i need to send that also? @adcom.pgpm

Is there any chance of early offers being rolled out between now and September 3rd week? also has anyone received any early offers in the last couple of weeks?


Did anyone apply for IIM Udaipur? There average GMAT score is around 620-630. I wanted information regarding Purdue University term. Please message if anyone has applied

Hello all,

We've created a w....... group for all the PGPM admits for 2020. If anyone has received an admit in the recent few days and is not part of the group yet, please DM me. I'll add you to the group.


Hello All, I appeared for my interview on 31st August. Approx by when, can I expect info regarding intake?

Hi All

The first set of offers for the Class of 2020 have been rolled out today. Congratulations to all the selected ones.



Received my offer letter for ops and supply chain. Anyone else for ops?

Did anyone receive offer for IM specialization? 

Hi ! Has anyone received admits for finance specialisation ?