Sandeep Gupta GMAT Prep -AVOID , and not recommended for starters

Hi Everyone, I have not liked Sandeep Gupta’s GMAT prep, its not for those who are starting off their GMAT chapter. Points to note . These are my views : 1. Initially was told batch size will be around 25 , however when I walk…

Hi Everyone,

I have not liked Sandeep Gupta's GMAT prep, its not for those who are starting off their GMAT chapter.

Points to note . These are my views :

1. Initially was told batch size will be around 25 , however when I walked into the class and counted the number folks , there were 48 folks - all crammed up .

2. Too fast . As if to say we are giving the GMAT exam in the class itself. Basic concepts- you are supposed to learn and come. If you are working professional this will be an additional headache after your work week on week ends.

3. IF you are on sabbatical , a full time student preparing for other exams , and have gone ahead with your learning, and scoring 650 + always , then may be yes, his classes might be right for you . Beginner - absolutely NO NO.

4. Paid around 18900/- without any official bill/receipt .Just -one piece of paper his receptionist handed over. And if you use your card he will charge 11% extra . What comes in the course is just handouts/or print outs and nothing else. Yes, not to forget loads of emails with links to internet fileshare sites where you can download pirated copies of various books, that too extremely lousy prints. For e.g. he shared with us the pdf copy of the quantitative review. It was some one who took snaps through his digital camera and packed all those snapshots into a pdf file. Extremely lousy . I will suggest you go to and buy that book for 500 bucks. As I searched across all GMAT prep in Bangalore , every one was giving atleast hard copy of OG and other books like NOVA gmat prep etc. Or their own (copied material) in the form of book.

5. The receptionist is big liar. Any one asks him about scores of the folks he has been teaching - he clearly mentions 770+. When I asked him everyone, he bluntly says yes. I would guess instead of telling him the jackass , I should call my self one because I fell for it . He also mentions that you do not need any other material , and the handouts are enough. Now if you arent able to solve simple problems , will you be able solve 700+ problems ? Highly demotivating.

6. Guys get your basics right, you can down load all the material from torrent sites ( The pirate bay etc) and do not need Sandeep Gupta to share the links with you. Please buy the OG hard cover solve the OG. You will feel good. There are ample free tests available on the net - princeton, kaplan, mgmat, gmatprep - these should give you a good feel on where you are.

7. And if you check the top B-schools ranked by Financial Times - you do not need a 770+ score to get in They accept score low as 600+, if you have good amount of experience. But yes, if you can get better scores why not try for it . 750 + score good to have but not need to have. Common not every one is going to join Havard and the GMAT score will not be the only criteria they will check. ISB has been taking folks with 650 also .

8. Go through his youtube video and you will know at what level he teaches.

10. Process for GMAT - study your self , check your scores and then attempt any institute.

11. Please be a member of these forums, Pagalguy, Beatthegmat, and gmatclub. You get alot of good information about how people crack the gmat. Alot of free material available . And these forums are super active. Spend 18 k on all in one tutorials like Magoosh or KAPLAN online or what ever . These guys have tailor made courses and a support system. Not a one man army like him .

12. Inspite of all this complaining - I will like to share a few solutions which might help - a)have two types of course , one for the beginner and one for the advance folks,
b) Have a batch size of 25 or less so that every one can participate in discussions.
b1) Dont finish 100 problems in 2 hours . Go slow for folks to absorb .
c) Give a few original GMAT material - atleast the OG to start off with.
d) Dont claim that all your students have a score of 770+
e) Train a few more tutors who can deliver quality content, so that this one man army thing does not over burden the organization.
f) Good to keep in touch with the students through emails , e.g. pre and after sales support necessary to make sure this product works well.


Holy Jesus! No receipt ? Is there anything that he does ethically ?
I think more than the crackpot himself, the students are too be blamed themselves who fall into such traps and promises of 760+ .
I seriously don't understand why is there no regulation in doing business in India. Had the judiciary been here more efficient, somebody would have definitely complained against Sandeep Gupta and put him behind the bars! I doubt he'd have even 5% of his students scoring 760+ . I watched one of his videos on youtube and the SC question he discussed was utter crap.It was made difficult for the heck of it so that people don't get it correct. I have never seen such weird question in OG.
Hell with India!

I think if he had atleast promised students of getting a 650 , that would have certainly helped. Even MGMAT does not commit that they will give you a 750+ score. Most of the preps - commit a 50 to 100 points increase from time you join them to the time you are done with the prep. Where people boast about 770+ scores , there should be a money back guarantee - which I am sure this guy will not be able to commit. GMAT is a easy to tough exam and not a tough to very tough exam . So yes - instead of getting demotivated with guys like these running the show , best thing is to learn your self. You can save this tuition fee and spend it for some online help with you essays.

@[569208:gauravdangi] - c;mon dont say hell with India , one person will not spoil the billions . Just to the guys wanting to go Sandeep Gupta - be cautious. Remember heaven is "not" a place on earth.

Thanks Psycho ! .. for the "LIKE"... I am just being open about his way of teaching ... and I also saw an ad in the paper today ! I will advise students not to fall for it . I can also claim if you study all the books - you will certainly get through ...why go to Sandeep Gupta , he is not a Maha rishi muni for GMAT . Alot of his students will feel the same . And I can guarantee that if they passed the GMAT with flying colors its not because of Sandeep Gupta , its because they had to find a way out of the mess .

Hey- Can we take this offline? I have spent sometime preparing for CAT, XAT etc and feel 70% ready for GMAT. Would you suggest this could work for me?

I have soft copies of almost everything, like you said piratebay is fairly loaded when it comes to GMAT prep is concern, I am planing on picking up some more books. Planning on starting by december. 😃 fingers crossed!

Thank you for all the insight

I once talked to this man , may be some 4-5years ago , and kept getting emails and thought of joining.
But after watching youtube videos and this thread I feel it is too high for a beginner like me.

Hi all. I am looking for Aristotle Prep Sentence Correction Grail 3rd edition soft copy. Kindly PM me if anyone has it. It would be really helpful.

Hi Everybody,

I am looking to give my GMAT and wanted to know how good/bad is sandeep gupta's GMAT classes.

I am not from Hyderabad & wanted to understand if opting for the video/online course is really helpful to help boost the course.

Also i was told that i would be given a pendrive that would work only on a single computer and videos would be played via that. Any feedback on how the videos are and the course material shared by him.

I am looking to give my GMAT by March of 2015 and would want to enroll in his course if it is really as rewarding as the institute claims.

I am ready to put in my effort that he demands by way of homework. But also i wanted to understand if his course is really along the lines that a person who is committed to his preparation would get a good score with the right set of directions provided from his GMAT coaching.

Hi Guys:

I have created a group for post-GMAT preparations for Kolkata-ites. Join the group to discuss all your GMAT related queries as well as Essay and PI based discussions. 

Looking forward to your contribution.