[Official] Welingkar PGDM Mumbai Admissions 2022-24 [WeSchool] Mumbai | PaGaLGuY

I can’t see any movement in the waitlist. I was having 105 as waitlist number its still 105

Hi, waitlist number allotted to candidate doesn’t change. You would get to know on dashboard, the last waitlist called for your program, accordingly you have to give consent. You can call up on below numbers for guidance - 022-24198400/ 022- 24198700
9702772899/ 8452062782/ 9137282627/ 7208649706/ 9321875551

Hey Hi
Actually my waiting was 105 and the highest waitlist for merit list 1 was 295. I have given Yes in the consent but the status still shows as pending. So when does it changes or when will I come to know that I have cleared the waitlist?

You can wait till today EOD for the status.

In the anti ragging form there is a section to fill the college name but the drop down list does not include welingkars

Write Prin.L. Welingkar in the search bar

got it thanks

When will the lectures begin?