[Official] VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur (2021-2023) Admissions Helpdesk


On behalf of a friend 


10th,12th - 90+%

GRAD - 70-80%

Workex - 30 months by feb 2021

CAT - 89.2 


Cat percentile 96.28 Sectional 59.88/92.6/99.12 10th 9.8 12th 98.5 Grad 85.7 19 months work ex Obc female Is there any chance of getting call..??

are there sectional cutoff's present, if so can anyone tell me what those are

91.26 percentile cat 8/9/7 1.5+ workex any chance of getting call?


CAT OA- 94.64

10th/12th/BTECH- 86.2/75.4/6.5

Workex- 40

What are the realistic chances of getting a call??


Cat -91 10-90 12-86 Grad -73 Work ex - 20 month Ews My chances?

Hello All CAT'20 GENERAL MALE ENGINEER ACADS - 89.3/77/7.6 3.5+ WORK-EX VA -93%ile, DI/LR -86%ile, QA -75.06%ile Overall - 88.79%ile Can I get a call?

98.04 OA Any chances for call?

Hi All, Can anyone help me understand the process to calculate the AR raring as it is out of 20 and last year the cutoff was around 23.8

Hi CAT Overall: 96%ile VARC-65%ile, LRDI-96%ile, Quant-98%ile Acads: (88.3 / 71 / 80) General Engineer Female 7 months of work exp Is there any chance to get a call???

When will the application form be available?


Got 90.41%le in cat.
Work ex-12 months
Category- OBC

What are the chances of VGSOM?



CAT OA- 95

VARC-LRDI-QA- 79/97/94

General Engineer Male

10/12/B.E- 92/84/8.77

40 Months Work Ex

Chances for call ?

Please help

My CAT Percentile is 96.46 VARC-84.86 LRDI-94.11 QA-97.4 ACADS- 95/93.2/78.5 Btech Dairy Technology (agriculture) Work ex-32 months FMCG Chances of call from IIT kharagpur?

Cat - 82.53 10th - 94% 12th- 84% Grad:- 74% Work Ex:- 30 Months OBC-NC Any chances?

10th/12th/Btech- 95/89.8/89.7 0 work experience GENERAL ENGINEER FEMALE Any chances of IITs, baby/new IIMs?

 can you please tell the format for calculating scaled score for cat to 20 in composite score calculation 

Hi Team,

Can someone please explain how AR for CAT score will be calculated:

((CAT Scaled Score)/(Maximum CAT Score))*20 ??

It's showing "This portal is closed" when I am clicking on apply online

If the previous employer hasn't provided payslips, will a bank account statement stand in lieu of it?