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Hi All. Which would be the best option among the following for 2 year full residential program? Response are much appreciated.


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Hi, I have mailed the admission office regarding the refund application, but have not heard back from them yet. Does anyone know any other way to contact the admissions team?

Hi, I have paid 8 lakhs on 29th april towards first instalment of fees but didnt received any confirmation mail from college . What should i do now?

Mail them with all the necessary information, they will revert and also check SIS portal if the payment is acknowledged there or not

Tapmi bkfs waitlist no.127, chances of converting?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Any chance of converting at current WL:533

may be . lets see how much it moves after the CAP results.

Hi All. Any idea by when can the students who have completed the payment procedures recieve the final admission email comprising of all the important dates?

@surjodeepbose @Pragati_TAPMI @Shingita_TAPMI Could you please help me out if at all you have any idea about this?

Currently at 250 for general MBA…any chance for conversion?

what are the chances of conversion of current waitlist 39.

I am currently in WL83 for MBA core. Is there any chance for converting?. I have good academics, 89 percentile in CAT? Please reply

Can someone tell me the first installment fees to be paid for TAPMI MBA Core(apart from initial 80000 Rs)?

Apart from the first installment fees of 80k, you have to pay 8,35,000 more to secure the seat… This will include the fees of complete first year excluding hostels and all…

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you’ll convert for sure

For future references
Mba initial WL no : 945
- Converted :white_check_mark:
Mba Marketing initial WL no : 231
- Converted :white_check_mark:




Then ?