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Last year Sibm bengaluru cutoff?

59.75 marks in snap 89.xx percentile any chance for call plz help??? 10th 9.2 CGPA 12th 81.2% Grad 83.7% Work exp 11.5 months

Hey, the GEWATPI process will be conducted at sibm bang campus itself?

Hello will sibm Bengaluru admission reopen?

Are we supposed to book slots or we are given date or time by college?

Snap 84.41 10/12/grad=68/93/68 3 months exp Any chance of call?

Guys , can I expect a call from SIBM Bengaluru at 90.76%ile? If yes, by when I'll get a call?

90.02 percentile. any chances for sibm banglore and SIIB 

Dates kabse chalu honge to select the interview dates slot ??

When will the shortlist release?

Guys, What type of pedagogy is employed in the college ? 

What is the expected cut-off this year?

Snap score 59.25 percentile 88.6954% Will I get the call?

 I have got Score : 38.25 , 51.92 percentile in SNAP.

X/XII/GRAD (Electronic & Telecom) : 75/59/71 

Work experience: 31 month till December,2018. 

 Is there scope for GD/PI call? 

Got 92.96 percentile what are my chances of converting the call if I get a call?

Guyz , they are saying to completely fill and submit the program specific form to access the slot booking. But, I have filled the form completely,what I else I need to do to access the slot booking??plz help

In their website it is mentioned 3rd week of Jan for shortlisting, i guess they will probably decalre it on monday! 

Is the shortlist for sibm bengaluru out?

Yesterday I did registration for SIIB. We will have to fill similar forms for SIBM bangalore and SIOM nashik right?

Will the students of the flagship programme (FMB&E)  be provided the placement opportunities ?