[Official] Post Graduate Diploma in Management (2022-24) | Siva Sivani Institute of Management (SSIM)

Hello, Iā€™m going to give you a general review of the college - SSIM is wonderful for classroom studies, however the most crucial thing an MBA college provides is access to exceptional or good job profiles or placements, which SSIM needs to improve on. The college is also far from the main city, which causes difficulties for travelling students; other important facilities are also far from the hostel. At SSIM, the majority of the faculty is inhouse with more academic experience then industries. Overall, if you can get into another college with a better placement record than SSIM, please do so.

Hi Team, i am an MBA aspirant looking to enroll this year, i did apply at sibm & ssim, i have cleared by round at sibm, so wanted to know on how to get refund for the installment paid.

Looking for a college that offers a better placement & also encourages students in co curricular activities, can you share your review on life at SSIM.

Hi Adcom, Deloitte is mentioned as one of your top recruiters can you help me understand the kind of profile it offers to MBAs, which specialisation is placed most with the brand.

Which college is better in terms of industry exposure, SSIMS or GIM Visakhapatnam?

Is it recommended to go for the dual degree programme at SSIM?