[Official] NL Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research 2022 – 24 PGDM Admissions Discussion Queries

Anybody who received mail after 29 June had received the provisional admission??

Is there any official group for nl dalmia converts?

Anybody from HR? Text me

Is there any unofficial wts app group for NL Dalmia converts.?

Some rumours came to me that only 40 students will get PGDM Finance and rest will get PGDM Financial Management. Its a kind of risk for my future journey. Do you all have any idea??

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I filled the form, but couldn’t see the window for online gd/pi booking

I got the provisonal admission letter for pgdm finance २ days back. It said to fill660000 before 20june to be paid.
Is it the same amount that they call to pay every year as the amount is quite high compared to other colleges as initial deposit

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Is their anyone from MP joining NL Dalmia

Yes amount is same for 2nd year.

Which is better for an MBA: SP Jain School of Global Management (Tricity programme) or NL Dalmia?

What is the average placement rate for Global Mba Nl Dalmia? Is it worthwhile to pursue an MBA from there?

What would be the living expenses of global MBA at NL Dalmia? is this included in the course frees?


Is it possible to pursue an MBA in Germany or Canada on a 20 lakh rupee budget? Do I need to study for a test for that?