[Official] Lovely Professional MBA Admission Queries 2022-24


What questions are normally asked in the personal interview of MBA?

MBA at LPU is a very fulfilling experience, the two years of rigor can be quite overwhelming!
To check if you and the curriculum, both are compatible or not, so that the curators get the right candidates. Since there are a large number of interview panels, there is no single set of questions, however I can give you an idea of what they are looking for :
You will be evaluated during the interview on the following parameters. Communication Skills
o Fluency of Speech
o Grammatically Correct
o Capacity to Elaborate
o Clarity of Thought
Career Orientation, Aspirations & Goals
o Clarity of Goals
o Confidence
o Leadership & Initiative
General Awareness
I suggest you to be yourself, be confident, sometimes the questions may be deliberately asked to check your temperament. Hope this helps

What is the general fee structure for MBA?


The fee would be dependent on your choice of program and scholarship secured. It ranges between 145000 per sem to 190000 per sem without scholarships. I suggest you to visit their website and call toll free number, the support cell will guide you through the process and resolve all your queries.
HEavy scholarships are available till july 15th, and will reduce after that.
LPU has carved a great name for itself in Management field, the recent NIRF rankings which have put it among top 50 B-schools twice in a row is proof enough for it.
The main factors which make it the best are:
Live Projects & Consultancy: Live projects are the corner stone in our pedagogy. Our students have collaborated with various companies for their Live Projects such as Himalaya wellness, Bonn biscuits, Sony, Colgate, Modern Food, Capgemini, Oyo Rooms, Decathalon, Big Baazar, Godrej, Lyoness, EduIsFun, Republic Motors, Facebook, Sitaby, Cloud Buy, Training Wizards, Design Lounge etc. ". Entrepreneurship Projects: The huge campus which is no less than a small sized walled city provides large number of opportunities for students to explore entrepreneurship. Students have opportunity to earn while learn by entering into entrepreneurship projects. Innovation & design thinking labs coupled with SEED capital facility make it a hub of talented budding entrepreneurs. Industry delivered certifications;
Cutting Edge Courses in Workshop Mode;
Experiential Learning Activities & Business Games;
Center for professional enhancement;
Innovative Pedagogy;
Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities;
Community Development Project;
Industry interface among students;
Diversity of students;
Placements: 200+ Campus placement drives with reputed brands ere held for 2019 passing out batch. In today highly competitive environment, students continue to stand out to the employers. Students are placed in the best brands like Amazon, Federal bank, Delivery, Asian Paints, Berger Paint, Bajaj Electrical, Colgate Palmolive, Federal Bank, HUL, ITC, Loreal, Marico, MRF, Vodafone, Khimji Ramdas LLC to name a few. Recently the students have bagged an annual remuneration package of 16.60 lacs per annum from Khimji Ramdass group. With so much going for LPU, I think it is miles ahead of most other B-Schools.
Hope this helps


Whenever you are choosing any college, you must first check about its environment, rules and regulations. For your studies and development, you must require a proper environment where you can make your personality and learn discipline, making you more professional and active. If you want to grow and also want a safe environment then LPU is really a very better option for you. With some of my points, I can assure you that this university will provide you with the best and the safest environment for your growth and development.

Strict Rules

In LPU, a student should follow each and every rule very strictly. If any of them are found disobeying any rule, then a big punishment is there for them and they may also get suspended. So, here rules are followed very strictly and by doing this we can learn discipline.

Zero ragging system

Ragging is strictly prohibited here. Nobody in this university is allowed to do ragging or bullying any student. If however, you find anyone doing such kind of activities you can complain about it to any faculty or any other staff about it and he or she will definitely get punished for such things. So, anyone roams freely on the campus without any fear.

The Guards are present everywhere within the campus

The Guards are present everywhere within the campus to maintain to protect the students and to provide any kind of facilities to them. Due to their presence, no student can think do any kind to of bad activity like teasing, bullying or harming other fellows. If you need any help you can ask the guards. They have very kind and friendly nature and they are always there to help you.

Fixed entry time for girls who are staying in hostels

Girls who are staying in hostels are given a fixed time to enter into their respective hostels. The timings are – 6 pm during winters and 7 or 7:30 during summers. No girl is allowed to go outside the hostel after this time or if any girl comes late then their respective wardens give a phone call to their parents to tell about it. This step is taken to provide safety to girls. Due to this rule, our parents are assured that we are safe.

Use of alcohol and cigarettes are strictly prohibited

Use of alcohol, cigarettes or any kind of harmful things is strictly prohibited in the campus. Nobody not allowed to drink alcohol or taking drugs on the campus. If anyone is found doing such things, his/her scholarship gets cancelled and he or she will be suspended.

Every facility is available within the campus

Every facility like mall, hospital, playground, food courts and many more things are present within the campus so that nobody has to go far away to buy or get anything. You can get anything you want inside the campus.


Pharmacy Course at Lovely Professional University

 If you talk about Pharma courses, Lovely professional University is achieving its own Shine regularly at a higher pace be it academic, research, technology, exposures (both national and international), placements, accreditation, Curriculum Rigor and of course a conducive and diversified campus environment to live in. I am saying this because my cousin sister has completed same course from Lovely Professional University and her experience at LPU was amazing. She told me Lovely Professional University Ranked among Top 30 Pharmacy colleges in India by NIRF 2019, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is among the best colleges in Punjab and India that provides its students with practice based teaching in advanced medicine labs making them readily employable pharmacists. Wide participation in global research and conferences rewards our students with an international exposure in the fields of Medicine, Drugs and Pharmaceutical Sciences. She has discussed some of the benefits that will be provided for pursuing the Pharmacy in LPU are: She said, With quality education, students are provided industry internships and workshops on various courses and studies like Drug Regulatory Affairs, Computer-Aided Drug Designing (CADD) etc. Which helps students get the practice or industry experience and happenings. LPU stands at 26th rank in Pharmacy in the country. This itself will tell you the standard and quality of education provided herein LPU. The course here is designed in such a way that students can experience the subjects in real-time. Highly experienced faculty with on-field experience, highly advanced laboratories and world-class infrastructure; this is what a student can ask for. Placement records are one major aspect and example for the quality of education provided for LPU B.Pharma students. The highest package stands at 15 LPA and the least at 4LPA. On average, students from LPU gets selected at a package 9LPA. Many international brands and Pharma companies take an active part in the placement drive every year. Apart from all this college life in LPU is with experiencing. So, I wish you take the decision very wisely and choose the college that not only provides you with theoretical knowledge but also with hands-on experience with the world-class infrastructure. I hope this helps. All the Best! 

Choosing LPU for MBA


I will advise you to finalize a professional institute to learn professional degree with professional skills as Professionalism is taught by Professional Universities and so it is by Lovely Professional University which is one of the best Private University not only in Punjab but in India. LPU floats more than 250 programmes where MBA is a flagship programme, with many specializations and one coveted MBA Hons. Programme which is one of the most sought after university for MBA. As my cousin is planning to take admission in MBA we inquired from LPU and came to know the following:I want to highlight the features which LPU has attained since its establishment.
1. Raking: LPU is ranked amongst 100 by NIRF 2020 and B-School is ranked amongst 50 which is a matter of pride (https://www.nirfindia.org/2020/ManagementRanking.html). In addition to this, MBA is ACBSP Accredited which relates that the curriculum is that of international standards.
2. LPU offers three types of MBA I. e. # Normal MBA (six trimesters) with specialisations as Marketing, Finance and HR
# Specialised MBA I. e MBA (Financial Markets), MBA (Supply Chain), MBA (International Business), MBA (HHM), MBA (Business Analytics) and MBA (Tourism and Hospitality)
# MBA (Hons) which is a purely residential programme
3. LPU offers Credit transfer programme to the students wherein they get benefitted by studying in LPU for 1 year and another 1 year abroad which fulfils the dreams of the student as well.
4. Without the proper exposure student cannot understand market scenario. To provide the exposure, series of guest lectures are provided to the students where they learn from the speakers and they share their problems as well.
5. Placements: The student who acquired MBA degree from LPU gets the option to appear in the interview for the big brands such as Colgate Palmolive, Hindustan Unilever, Godrej Consumer, SAP Labs, Asian Paints, Bajaj Allianz, CEAT, Khimji Ramdas, Ernst and Young, Flipkart, Federal, Moody Analytics, ITC, Practo, Redington and many more with the higher package. For more details on eligibility, fee and course, visit www.lpu.in
I will advise you to plan the admission online at the earliest.

Mittal School of Business- Lovely Professional University 


As a alumni of Lovely Professional University,I would say ,The Business School of LPU is accredited from (ACBSP) Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs from the USA ensuring quality education and industry experienced faculties, studying in LPU will get a degree accredited from a body of USA.

LPU Is Ranked No. 2 Among Indian B-Schools In 'Outreach And Inclusivity' By NIRF 2018 Ranking Released By MHRD, Government Of India.

Lots of scholarships opportunities for deserving students, which will make pursuing an MBA at a very affordable cost.

Impeccable placement records with more than 150 companies including ITC, Asian Paints, HDFC, Federal Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Moodys Analytics, WNS Global etc and so on recruiting MBA students on an yearly basis with highest package in MBA at 21 Lakh Per Annum and on a average package will be 4LPA TO 6 LPA with nearly 90 % placement rates.

LPU keeps improving and increasing it placements packages year on year. Even the number of recruiters visiting the campus increase every year.

It provides plethora of opportunity to the students. Likewise, skill development program, professional enhancement classes, learning workshops or sessions, extensive cultural events and exemplary placement opportunity. They offer the chances of live projects for the practical learning of the students.

LPU provides different classes for placements which helps in grooming. Students are trained in Aptitude, Reasoning, free preparation for Govt Exams, Soft Skills and language training, Interview skills right from the 1st year, continuously for 2/3/4( duration of course) years till they get the job.

The university also gives us the opportunity to get real-life exposure through various training programs and an internship, which is mandatory for all. Professors go for value-based education which is something we as professionals would require in our career. Guest lectures by experts and some really successful people are arranged by our department to widen our scope of learning.

LPU will provide you a lot of opportunity for placement it just that you have to grab it and go for it.

 LPU announces  

MBA with TalentedgeDuration : 2 yrs. (6 Terms) Join First-of-its-Kind Corporate

Live Projects, My Start Up, Social Entrepreneurship etc. to are few initiatives for nurturing creativity, innovation and passion of students. Industry leaders constantly upgrade the course curriculum to make it relevant in today’s corporate world📷

Paid Internship

Confirmed and paid internships for each student with minimum 10K stipend per month. Programme ensures that students seamlessly move on from being a student, to an intern and finally a productive employee.📷

Get Placement Offer at the beginning

Minimum starting salary of CTC Rs. 4.2 Lacs per annum. Unique Placement before Admission Model - (except for this year where we intend to place within 6 months – due to current epidemic turmoil)📷

Choose from Industry Specializations
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Applied Human Resource Management
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Data Science & Data Analytics


A big Yes, LPU is the best option for MBA. Choosing a right career option and from right university or college is a challenge for all of us. I will share my experience, hope that helps. I have done my MBA from Lovely Professional University and today I am a proud alumnus of LPU. B School of Lovely Professional University, is always appreciated because of the faculty members, placement and curriculum. BBA or MBA is something which is completely relatable to your surroundings, it's a management thing. If you say marketing is a specialisation in MBA then marketing is all around us. And how you are able to relate the content in books and the content around you is a task. To get this level of thinking, you need to broaden your thoughts, you need to be a part of brainstorming activities and you have to start learning from your surroundings. And this is where the role of faculty members or environment or university is help upon. As per my personal experience I am able to observe such level of thinking in a Management guy from Lovely Professional University. Main features of MBA at LPU are :
MBA at LPU offers an optimum blend of theory and practice to provides a solid foundation in general business management with specializations in area of choice. The Business School of LPU is accredited from ACBSP, Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs from the USA ensuring quality education and industry experienced faculty members, studying in LPU will get a degree accredited from a body of USA. Impeccable placement records with more than 150 companies including ITC, Asian Paints, HDFC, Federal Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Moody's Analytics, WNS Global etc. And so on recruiting MBA students with the highest package of 21 Lakhs Per Annum and on a average package will be 4LPA TO 6 LPA with nearly 90 % placement rates. International exposure with foreign internship opportunities with articulation programs opportunities where one can complete his/her degree in the foreign country under the 1+1 programme, where the student will study one year in LPU and final year abroad and get the degree of the foreign university. The largest private university with accommodation and food facilities for staggering 20,000+ students in a single university. Admissions at LPU are on air these days, So, don't wait just go and get your seat confirmed. I am thankful that I have taken a wise decision. , I hope you take a wise decision too.
Good Luck. 

 LPU is known for its MBA. LPU provides quality education, with great scholarship programs plus holistic learning opportunities. Mittal School of Business is among the first 10 institutions in India to get ACBSP (USA) accreditation. LPU is ranked No. 2 among Indian B-Schools in 'Outreach and Inclusivity' by NIRF ranking released by MHRD, Government of India. The curriculum is made keeping in mind the current market trends. The placements are 100%, and moreover students have special placement-oriented classes that serve as a booster for students to clear the exam and interview. Companies like Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, Adani Wilmar, Altruist, Al-Rakha, Dharam Consultancy selected LPU students for International locations. The highest package availed is 16.6 LPA by Khimji Ramdas. More than 650 companies visit LPU every year for recruitment with an average package of 5-12 LPA. Every year visiting companies escalate in number and till date University has recorded the highest placements in North India. The students can join an internship by sitting in the placement drive organized by LPU or they can organize at their own end. The students can work in banks (Private or Public), the Pvt sector or Public Ltd. companies, etc. The students have done an internship in Companies like IDBI, FUTURE GENERAL INSURANCE Company, COHO, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Karvy stockbroking, Decathlon Sports Ltd; etc. Thanks. 

Choosing MBA @ Lovely Professional University

 Hello, Being a proud alumnus, today I dedicate all my success to the efforts and achievements to the staff and faculty members of Lovely Professional University. LPU was my home for 5 long years and made me realize my inner self and pushed me towards doing better and better day by day. The university campus is spread over 900+ acres with a separate block for each department, 9 Story Central Library, Mac labs, aviation lab, chemistry laboratory, auditorium, open-air theater, hostels, hospital, laundry, parking facility, cricket ground, boxing ring, Taekwondo, football field, snooker lounge, Roller skating ring, in-house bowling complex, fitness edge Gym, Cafe Coffee Day, university mall, convenience stores, easy banking, food kiosks, Food Cafe and Hostel Dining Hall. Talking about the faculty members, Most of the staff is Ph.D. and many are even from IIT, NIT or Iims, with enough experience as well. At LPU they are not just Professors but mentors to students and guide you well throughout. Complete practical learning module and hands on experience in every field. One of the most important entities of any university, classes and the design of curriculum is very efficient at LPU. Instruction Plans are given out at the very beginning of the semester letting you get hands on information about every topic of the subject you are going to read, every reference you need to go through and stuff. Continuous assessments are an integral part of classes to make sure that students are learning whatever is being taught in the form of tests, term papers, case studies, mini projects etc. Industry Based Live projects are integral part of curriculum, which makes you stand apart from others. Complete Placement and Training Assistance. I hope this helps you in taking a wise decision. All the Best. 

Integrated Course BBA-MBA @ Lovely Professional University



I would say Integrated course at LPU not just save a year but is financially compatible as well. A big Yes for LPU. LPU's B-School, Mittal School of Business is among the first 10 institutions in India to get ACBSP (USA) accreditation. As per my view LPU has an edge in terms of curriculum, exposures, and placements.

Being an LPU Alumni from MBA, I would like to share few major highlights of this course at LPU are :
1. LPU has more than 30000 students from more than 70 countries studying in various 250 courses including business programs which shows a direct correlation with the quality or standard which LPU ensures to provide to satisfy the standards at various levels.
2. Quality of education is an important parameter which also distinguished this institute from many B-Schools.
3. Industry delivered certifications : Opportunity is provided for pursuing industry delivered Certificate like Digital Marketing, Six Sigma Green Belt, Financial Modeling, NCFM, NCCMP, LEAP and few more.
4. Good track record of placement of students in companies like The Royal Bank of Scotland, Colgate, Vodafone, IT, Practo, Trident and many more and they are over the moon and many more.
5. Pathways are also floated which actually assist the student to achieve their dream I. e. Corporate Jobs, Government Jobs and Higher Studies.
6. Pedagogy: Focus on case based teaching to develop skills in analytical thinking and reflective judgement by reading and discussing complex, real-life scenarios. Apart from this, emphasis is laid on teaching by use of experiential activities, seminars, business games, role plays, etc.
7. More exposure to the students is given by allotting application-oriented assignments and examination system.
8. The University also floats study abroad programs try giving an opportunity to complete your degree in US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA etc. You can go for student exchange programs on scholarships paying nominal fees, You do foreign internships and process for foreign study from the university itself. The opportunities are endless.
9. Close Interface with the Corporate World, Guest Lectures, Live Projects and Industry training all are an integral part of curriculum.

I hope this helps. All the Best.

  Is an MBA worth it or is it better to switch your job?

A choice between taking a sabbatical and go for MBA or switch your job can only be made if you can answer few questions to yourself.These are:

  1. Is my career stagnated due to obsolete skill?
  2. Is my job not rewarding enough in terms of money, fulfillment and stature?
  3. Has my industry moved on to a different level?
  4. Do I have finances to support myself for to years of non working?
  5. Does the skill in MBA coupled with my current skill sets guarantee a far more rewarding career than what it is today?
  6. I hope I am not following a herd, just planning MBA because my friends are doing it.

These questions and their answers will give you right direction. Because the answers to these questions will be different for everyone and situations differ for different people the definitive answer cannot be given.

But if the answers direct you towards taking a plunge and go for MBA, the next step is to choose the right university. The following must be taken into account:

  1. Course curricula: Is the university has course curriculum upgraded time to time with industry consultations and feedback?
  2. Does the university provide the specializations in your interest?
  3. Training: Does the MBA include the training of latest in demand technologies like SAP, Waterfall, Advanced excel, other MOOCs which are readily taken accepted by industry?
  4. Diversity: Does the college have the diversity of students and faculty? why? because it will give an environment in which students learn how to work in cross cultural teams with different linguistics. Students learn the right sensibilities to become good team players, virtuous & ethical professionals and good citizens.
  5. Professional enhancement: Dos the university provide professional enhancement coaching and mentor-ship?
  6. Finally the placements: Does the university attract a good number of employers to campus for placements?

These are the basic parameters which need to be met. One such B-School is Mittal School of Business at LPU which has created a niche in India.

Hope this helps.

Why Choose Mittal School of Business? 

 In last few years, The Mittal School of business has emerged as one of the premier B. Schools in the country. Plethora of options in professional enhancement, entrepreneurship opportunities, specializations, electives, open minors, trainings, internships, study abroad, credit transfer, semester exchange programs, Placements and alumni network make it an ideal choice for the students. About 250 recruiters are attracted by talent of this B-School. LAsr year the highest salary availed was INR 16.60 lacs per annum offered by Khimji Ramdass llc. Being a large 30000 student plus diverse campus, LPU offers large number of entrepreneurship opportunities within the campus, these coupled with Innovation, design thinking and incubation labs plus SEED CAPITAL facilities makes the campus a hotbed of startups. Students are exposed to various technologies which are most importantly being used in industry lie SAP. Advanced excel, GiTHub and other MOOCs. You need to have atleast 55% marks in your graduation and qualified LPU NEST CAT MAT XAT CMAT NMAT scores, and then you appear for an interview. After clearing your interview you can opt for your choice of specializations. Hope this helps.  

Loan related information:

LPU is highly reputed name in education, it has a full fledged department which helps the students in availing the loans. The students can get all the documentation required by banks from university very easily. LPU provides Loan assistance to its students. It is having tie-ups with reputed banks. Check the link below:
Hope this helps

What is the Eligibility to join the MBA ?

What are the specializations offered in MBA ? 

How is the life of an MBA student ?

When do we have holidays at LPU?

 What are the best student organizations or clubs to join at LPU?

Do we have to pay money at LPU for extracurricular activities, gym or games like football ?