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When can we expect an update in BFS list?

Why is there no transparency in the wait-list movement. IIM’s have released various lists post June and yet there no movement in HRM and BFS here which seems highly unlikely.

I got 48waitlist cleared at IIM Indore yet my wait-list here at IMI BFS is stuck. It’s next to impossible that students are not withdrawing admissions to get into better institutes. I am yet to get my refund as well. Though I’m happy for my IIM call but I still feel there’s something shady going on here. A lot of fellow students are dependent on your wait-list movement and classes are scheduled to start soon at other institutes. Not everyone has a buffer of starting the session in August.

@Adcom please look into it and update the wait-list for others.

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@Tanyak12 congratulations on your IIM Indore convert.

The waitlist movement has been slow at IMI this year. While the college has been releasing new offers every 15 days, the lists for BFS have moved relatively slower.

Regarding transparency of the lists and movement, the candidates can raise a ticket on their application dashboard at any given time and get an updated waitlist number.

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Hi @Saurabh122

All the new offers are made simultaneously. The movement has been a little slow for BFS and HRM program this year, but you can always raise a ticket through the application dashboard and get an updated number.

Hi @Daiz_1234

You can expect a fresh list in the coming few days.

For an update on your waitlist number, we request you to raise a ticket through your student dashboard.

I have converted my pgdm call today and have been given till 10th june to pay the remaining balance for the first term fee. I wanted to ask till when will it be possible for me to cancel my admission and get entire amount paid back once i have accepted the offer and paid the requisite fees.

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Hi @mba_asspirant

The last date to withdraw your admission is 31st July, i.e. one day before the commencement of course.

The date might change as per AICTE guidelines, you are advised to keep an eye out for the same.

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Can we expect any new list at this point?

Hi @Saurabh122

There might be a couple more links, however the movement has been very slow this year

I converted PGDM program a few days ago and wanted to know if there any official or unofficial group on whatsapp or telegram that i can be a part of?
If there is one please send me a link it would be great help.

My waitlist number is 1 in hrm from past 1 month. Please let me know if I can be accommodated somehow.

Wow! No movement in HRM as well, that too in the past 30days. There have been atleast 4-5lists from the colleges who rank same/above IMI and there are no withdrawls in both BFS and HRM. This looks highly fishy. I wonder what’s going on.
Even IIM’s did spot round just a week ago yet no one withdrew their admissions from IMI??

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Hi Admission Team at IMI,

My earnest money payment for pgdmhrm of amount 75k was made 3 days back (waitlist 19 for HRM).
I was told my the faculty member mr. RK and the admission team that I would receive an update on the waitlist number in 48hrs. Till now no update has been shared.

Please update on the same, or share a tentative timeline of when I can expect any further communication.

Also, wanted to confirm by when will the classes commence for 2022-2024 batch?


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Hi Daisy
Have you recieved any update

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