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19 April is the last date of accepting provisional offer of admission for those who has converted so I think they will update it on 20th. Just an idea, not a 100% sure.

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Cat below 88%ile and converted/waitlist below 150

Any update on waitlist movement?

My current number on the active waitlist is 174, How good are my chances in getting it?

My waitlist number has not been updated since April 5. When will we get to know about our status?

I am a candidate who got shortlisted and went through for the PI round but recently I came to know that the results are already out but i have not received any email nor any link has been updated on my students dashboard. I’ve tried refreshing and have been checking my mails regularly but have not received anything. Any help?

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Dear @bhuvan_bansal, If there is no update on your dashboard or registered email id, then you have not been shortlisted/waitlisted for the final admission at IMI New Delhi as of now.

However, this does not mean that you are out of the whole process. In case the waitlists move, you might have a chance to convert your admission. Please keep a regular tab on your IMI student dashboard and email id. Good luck.

Hello @tanvipareek99, if you have paid the waitlisted amount, please mail us your IMI Application number at [email protected] or you can also raise a ticket on your IMI student dashboard to know your active waitlist number.

Hi Team, Can you please tell how many official lists are out? Also, when can we expect the next official list? Thank you.


Okay, thanks.

I got in touch with some other people who have been offered BFS program through the official IMI group; however, not even one of them has been even waitlisted for core. Any particular reason behind it ?

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Dear @Manya_22

The merit list for all the three programs are different. Selection in one of the program does not hinder your ranking for the other programs you have opted for. So, there is no particular reason for you to be not waitlisted in the PGDM Core program other than the merit list.
You still have chance to convert PGDM Core even if you have already converted PGDM (B&FS), given that there is a subsequent movement in the waitlist for PGDM Core.

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Thank you

Hi Shashank, i have been waitlisted in B&FS and my active waitlist number is 70…do i have chances of converting it in further rounds as other colleges are demanding huge chunk of money to fix the seat allotted.

Hello @deep6789

The waitlist movement is quite subjective but based on past years’ trends, you have a decent chance to clear the waitlist. But we cannot assure you anything as of now.
Please keep a tab on your IMI dashboard and registered email id.

All the best!

@Shashank_Chouhan Can you please tell how many official lists are out? Also, when can we expect the next official list?

Hi @shubham_arora1

Greetings from Admissions Committee.

The list keeps moving basis the candidates’ decision. Since the first list has been out, we have seen movements on 22nd Apr and the last date of fee payment for a few candidates was 30th Apr. We are expecting another movement soon.

Hope this answers your query.


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Did anyone got offer from imi Delhi in last 5-7 days?

What’s the processing time for the refund?

Hey @tanvipareek99

It takes 8-10 business days for the refunded amount to reflect in your respective bank account after you have filled the google form.