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Is it compulsory to stay in hostel in imi delhi?

CAn i convert Waitlist 13?

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Is there any official group for converts. Pls confirm

At IMI New Delhi, we don't take student choices, we snatch every deserving candidate without their choices being considered. Here we is our SC aided Committees. 

That's because we don't get good candidates in our Admissions process, because we are IMI New Delhi. 


Congratulations to the following candidates who were chosen by committees before ever meeting with clubs or learning about their work culture.

Our beloved SC { Student Council } has announced the committee's chosen candidates and attached is that list.

Giving committees priority by disclosing their results early internally suggests that they are superior to the other student bodies (all clubs and student affairs bodies) in the college.

Clubs plan, conduct, and finally execute mega-events like Conventus and Kritva ( both of which include sponsorships and communication with external stakeholders) which can not be done without efficient members, so all student bodies should get an equal chance to interact with a good pool of candidates. 

Did you know the student body selection process which was planned earlier was changed mid-way and no communication was provided to any members.

Further to this separate SC-Committees meetings are being held without informing the other EC members during the selection processes, which clearly shows this disparity. 


What is the cutoff for IMI New Delhi

Dear Aspirants, the Admissions Committee of IMI New Delhi welcomes you! We are here to answer any admissions-related questions you may have.
Please use this thread as the official admissions helpdesk and get all your queries answered. We are looking forward to you joining IMI New Delhi.

International Management Institute, New Delhi is situated in the heart of South Delhi and has been a melting pot of a wide array of disciplines, from excitement to trepidation to exuberance and expectations.
One of the most outstanding features of this institute is its faculty and a widespread alumni base of over 6500, which is its USP, and this is complemented by regular visits by famous corporate luminaries. Another feather in IMI’s crown is its 'peer group’. Students from all backgrounds and cultures, but all with the same objective in mind: to establish a name for themselves in the business world. The demanding timetable and well-structured course material transform naive aspiring MBA students into hardened professionals.
IMI New Delhi is a completely student-driven campus where students actively take part in the smooth functioning of everyday activities. The campus life at IMI is overseen by a Student Council which is the apex body that represents the student community and serves as a link between the administration and students.
With a mission of to develop socially sensitive, ethical, value adding leaders and organizations through relevant teaching, research, training and consulting that serve stakeholders’ interests, IMI shall prove to be an accession to your success by shaping your future within the halls of this institute.
For more information, visit the official website: International Management Institute, IMI New Delhi, Top ranked PGDBM Institutes in India

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Hello Everyone,

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hey! is there any sectional cut off for the HR program here?

(1) I want to know is there any difference between the cutoff of pgdm core/hrm/bfs?
Or there will be common cutoff for all the three?
(2) Also sectional cutoff if any across the three programs?
(3) Do we have to update our cat score in the application form?

IMI New Delhi does not release both overall as well as sectional CAT cut-off for the PGDM(HR) program. It depends on the quality of the application and is subject to management’s decision.

Dear Ahmad Ali,

Firstly, IMI New Delhi does not release both overall, as well as sectional CAT, cut off for any of the three programs: PGDM, PGDM(HR), and PGDM(B&FS).

Also, you don’t have to upload the CAT scorecard or any other document. In case, you are supposed to upload, then that will be communicated to you through your registered email address.

In case of any other queries, feel free to ask here.

But is the cutoff for all the three programs same or differ slightly according to the merit?

Hello Ahmad,
Admission is contingent on your profile and application being a good fit for the program you’re applying to and thus, there is no fixed CAT cutoff for any of the three programs at IMI New Delhi.

IMI Delhi PGDHRM CAT cut off? I have 86.64% ile in CAT, 32 months work ex

Hi, do we need to send the CAT scorecard to the admissions office?

Profile: 92.33/88.8/8.01 GEM fresher.
XAT: 84.73
Can I get a call from IMI Delhi PGDM?

Considering IMI New Delhi is accepting XAT scores, will it give a call to them scoring 81 percentile in XAT? What would be the cutoffs?