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Hi adcom I am not able to see my result. Its asking for registered email and phone number even after me doing the same.


Hey, I applied to IMI Kolkata through my December'20 MAT Score. 

And gave my WAT on 4th Feb, and my PI was scheduled for 8th Feb, but b'cos of some medical emergency I couldn't attend the same, but on 15th Feb. I gave my PI. 

So now when can I expect my final results?

And if someone applied through MAT Score, IMI-K is considering the candidature for the same, right? Or for MAT you will declare the results afterwards? Pls clarify on this. Thanks.

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Hey everyone, those who got selected in the phase-1 results of admission, have you received your offer letters yet? I got a call yesterday that I'd be getting it by EOD but haven't received anything as such till now. @IMI-K some help please

Apply through CMAT! Update your scores later! 

In which phase will the IMI declare 19th Feb interview results?

@IMI-K do we have to send the hard copy of the filled acceptance letter by post to the institute, besides sending the scanned copy via e-mail? It wasn't mentioned in the offer letter/e-mail but I read it on previous years' forum so had to ask.

I had my IMI Kolkata interview on 14th February, 2021. Will this be considered under phase 2?

Hi, I chose 1st March for my interview process but haven't received any more information regarding the link to the online process and other pre-requisites. 

Results for 6th feb?

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Hey adcom.. my pi was on feb 6th and am not able to see my result in the phase1 short list... Does my pi date come under phase 2 of the result? Please respond...

i had my interview on 27th feb. when will the results be out for the same? 

Hi adcom,

I gave my PI on 21st February. When can i expect the results?

Can anyone share their interview experiences?

Are the phase 2 results out?

Hi adcom, Please create a group for 2021-2023 batch.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/802381787030582/?ref=share For those who took admission for this year

Are the results coming out today? They said 5th or 6th of march!?

Hi, is there any further update on result declaration?