[OFFICIAL] IIT Kanpur MBA 2021-2023 Admissions

Hello Aspirants,
Greetings from the Industrial Management and Engineering, IIT Kanpur.
Please feel free to post queries related to admission in MBA program 2020-22.
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Last year cut off for gem students? Any difference for year gap and acads ? Thanks admin!!

 IIT Kanpur announces admission for its, two years, highly valued MBA program (2019-2021). Equipped with world-class infrastructure, the management program at IIT Kanpur is designed to make adaptable future leaders by keeping pace with rapid market & business changes, which is ensured by sagacious faculty, distinguished alumni network as well as established corporate relations. By providing specialization in various business fields, MBA at IIT Kanpur strikes the right balance between academics and industrial exposure. 

Can anyone please give some idea about the average, median and highest pleacement statistics?

NC OBC Oa- 90.99 VA/lr/Qa- 76/69/98 X/xii/b.tech- 84/83/76 Work ex- 6 months Any chance?


X/xii/grad/cat -84/85/74/87.55 Work Exp 30 Months Full Time

Chance of getting call and Chances of convert

OA-94.25 VA-95.65 LR-86.86 QA-89.xx GEM-fresher X/XII/B.TECH - 89/90.6/93.84 Any chance of getting a call? Plz help!

 With acads 82(State Board)/82(State Board)/80.5 (Btech) , 26 months workex (and counting) in IT and cat percentile as OA 93.6, VARC-94, DILR-82, QUANT-93. What colleges should i fill with realistic chances of conversion? Female, General Category. Any chance of call ? 


OA: 95.66

VARC: 97.26

DILR: 94.26

QA: 85.53

GEM with 6 months work experience

X/XII?Grad: 90/79.69/85.50

What are my chances?

CAT OA: 88.6

10th: 95



OBC, Engineer, Female

Any chances ?

Cat OA -85.09 ACADS- 84/76.2/79.5 general male Any chances?


cat :: 86.24

10th/12th/B.Tech :: 10 cgpa/ 82.8 / 7.75 (2018 batch)

no work ex

any chances of getting call?

Cat percentile 91.56 Va 81.72 Dilr 81.12 Qa 96.44 X 95% XII 92.2% BE(CE) 80.3% General category WORK EXPERIENCE 12 months What are the chances of getting a call? Should i apply?

Cat percentile 91.56 Va 81.72 Dilr 81.12 Qa 96.44 X 95%(10 CGPA) XII 92.2% BE(CE) 80.3% General category female WORK EXPERIENCE 12 months What are the chances of getting a call? Should i apply??

 Xth/XIIth - 86.67%/80,46% 

Graduation: B.E. 8.867 (IN FINAL YEAR)

CGPA CAT OA- 85.94 %ile 

Category- General 


What are my chances ?

 Hi all,

CAT 2018 - 82.4 (77.94/71.6/87.93)

10th :- 93.1 % (9.8/10 CGPA)

12th :- 94.42 %

B.E. :- 88.10 % (8.81/10 CGPA)

20 Months of work experience as Piping Material Engineer in TechnipFMC

Male, OBC, Please tell me the chances of getting call in IIT Kanpur 2019-21.

Overall - 94.85 (93/96/85)

Academics - 90.57/72/8.05

Work experience - 23 months

Chances of getting a call and conversion ?


OA - 93.45 (85/84/97)

Academics - 90.33/94.20/78.77

Work ex- 29 months

Chances of getting a call?



CAT- OA- 90.1

VA- 83



3.5 yr work ex



Graduation Btech-78.3

General Category

Can i get a call?

I had done b.com Cat percentile - 90.59 Quants-95.79 Lrdi-95.05 Verbal-66 10th- 8.0 cgpa 12th- 90.2% Graduation- 62.5%( state university) Work experience-23 months General Chances?