[Official] IIM Jammu MBA Admission Queries - Batch 2022-24

When can we expect the next list? And whether it contain waitlist number or not?

How much time will it take for our transaction details to get verified?

You can expect the next merit list by next week. Also before that, an Eoi will be rolled out for advanced wait listed and mails will be sent to the candidates regarding the same.


How much time will it take for our transaction details to get verified?

Greetings everyone,

The Expression of Interest (EOI) will be released shortly for all the candidates that are at the top of the Waiting List for admissions at IIM Jammu. The candidates for the Core MBA Program will be able to see the link on the portal, while the HA&HM candidates shall receive the EOI link through email.
The next merit list shall only include those candidates who fill the EOI.

IIM Jammu

All details shall be verified on the Institute’s end within a few days. Just keep the receipt safe and keep checking your mail regularly.

Will EoI be available on student dashboard or there is any other link because i am not able to find any EoI form to fill. I just clicked on wailist EoI link and took me to login page where after login i didn’t find any EoI to fill. Does that mean i am not on waitlist?

  1. What does “you are in advanced waitlist” means ? asking as sample size for advanced waitlist can mean any number !

  2. What does “Unique Identification Number” mean ?


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Is EoI released?

It is very confusing… Please clarify few things…
1.is EOI released or not? and if yes then why all waitlisted candidate portal not showing the same?
2.And if few candidates portal showing the option for EOI…Is that mean rest waitlisted candidates are out of the process?

The EOI has been released to the students who were at the top of the waitlist. Not everyone who is in the waitlist has been given an EOI.
The rest of the Waitlisted candidates are required to wait for the next round of EOIs (if any) which will depend on the acceptance and admission rate of the current ones. Further rounds of EOIs may or may not be released. For now, the waitlisted candidates are not out of the process.

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Whats the placement Statistics for HA and HM program?

This is the first batch of students in the MBA (HA&HM) program, so we can’t provide any placement statistics for the same. However, you can check out the Placement Report for the Core MBA program on the website, for your reference,

could you please tell us why IIM jammu haven’t given the waitlist number while the other B school has already given.
and also i have received an EOI and have paid the fees, what are the chances that i will get the admission offer ?

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Since you’ve already received the EOI in the first iteration, you are among the aspirants at the top of the waitlist (as mentioned before).
Now it depends completely upon the WL movement whether or not you’ll convert the call. Wait for the subsequent lists, and all the best.

Next waitlist any date as such?

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Portal saying “Invalid Credentials” ?


Dear Aspirants,

Greetings from IIM Jammu!

Congratulations to all the candidates on getting shortlisted for the 4th Merit List.

Further, there are EOIs released for some candidates according to the merit list. You will be able to check that through the login portal.

If you have converted the call, kindly fill the following form: https://forms.gle/1Ry65vqs8Q4LQqrv9

Get in touch with any of the below Admission Committee members of IIM Jammu for your queries regarding campus life, placements, pedagogy, life at Jammu, or anything related to admissions in this thread, and we will try to help you to the best of our abilities.

Prakshep Dhiman: 8859318857

Shreyash Mandora: 8668826833

Khushboo Soni: 9926934432

Mudit Jain: 9315802581

Sarvesh Rathi: 9404715889

Sarthak Chauhan: 9717769204

Garima Sharma: 9785512260

Pratik Kumar: 7890281424

Sourabh Agarwal: 8114494751

Shreyanshu Anubhawi: 9731183038

Saurabh Dalal: 9205303906

Mrinalini Minal: 8340597771

For further queries, drop a mail to: [email protected]

All the best! We look forward to having you here at IIM Jammu!!


Admissions Committee,

Indian Institute of Management, Jammu.

Bhai Kahan yaar…idhar udhar dete fir rahe ho EOI…wo refund maang le re h fir nayi list nikal re ho…arrey manney bhej do…fees wagarah submit kar dunga kahin nhi jaunga agle 2 saal tak…:triumph::rage::sleepy::sneezing_face:

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Fill up the “Offer Acceptance Form” and post the original signed copy to the Admission Office of IIM Jammu (email one copy to the undersigned).
Does this mean I have to physically send the hard copy by post to Admission Office ?