[Official] IIM Jammu MBA Admission Queries - Batch 2022-24

CAT 18: VARC-73.6 LR DI-79.8 DA-88.8 OA-82.3 NC-OBC 10th/12th/b.tech-86/79/81 24 months work experience What is chances of final conversion?

OA- 76.2 QA, VA, DI- 85/75/54.4 10th,12th,grad- 93/88/76 Work- 21 month NC OBC Any chance of call in last round?

Hi all, VA : 22.05 VA Percentile : 51.53 DILR : 24.47 DILR Percentile: 84.1 QA: 28.43 QA Percentile: 89.66 Overall Score: 74.95 Overall Percentile:77.49 Category : SC Work Ex : 25 months X/XII/B.Tech : 90.88/91.9/79.6 Please give honest opinion about chance of getting IIM Jammu or any New/Baby IIM's call??and If I get a call..Is it possible to convert at this percentile??

CAT OA: 76.96

VA: 75.62

DILR: 70.24

QA: 79.29


WE: 4 years

Can i expect a call?


OA - 93.45(84.6/83/97)  


Academics - 90.33/94.2/78.56  

Work ex - 27 months 

What are the chances?


Confirmed News: IIM Jammu will have WATPI for the first time and will be a part of CAP 2019 process along with 9 other IIMs

Hi, please assess my chances of conversion with following particulars: CAT OA 98.11 VA 96.19 DI 99.06 QA 92.35 Acads 77.60/58.00/63.25 (X/XII/Grad) Work ex: 26 months as SBI PO General Engineering Male

The cap oa cut off was quite high this time, chances of a second list for baby iims? If yes then what would be the process?


Is there a "WAT-PI Preparation Kit" available for further rounds?

I am not able to upload my pic. What do I DO?


Date: 18 Feb 2019

Forenoon Session

Venue : Hotel Taj By Vivanta, Dwarka-21

WAT Topic: Views on Social Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation and Suggest further Course of Action.

Interview: General Questions.

1. where do you see yourself after 10 years?

2. why did you leave your first job?

3. Few questions on Home State?

4. Hobbies?

That's All!

what was lastyear composite score for first shortlist for obc?

Cat oa : 96.02 Xth : 93 12th : 93.4 ug : 78.3 GEM Average wat pi What are my chances of conversion?

CAT - 81 percentile

10th - 92 %

12th - 93 %

B Tech - 84.84 %

Work Ex - 22 months 

Category - NC OBC 

Avg WAT and good PI

Is there any chance that I can convert any of the CAP IIM's this year ?

GENERAL MALE ENGINEER CAT - 97.25 percentile 10TH - 88.29% (ICSE) 12TH - 85.4% (CBSE) GRADUATION - 84.00% WORK EX - 23 months at the time of CAT form fill up, on 31st July ( Family business, with payslip and EPFs and all ) National level certificate for participation in Karate Very good WAT and good PI. . . CAN I PLEASE GET HELP IN GETTING A REALITY CHECK ON WHAT ARE MY CHANCES OF GETTING A CALL FROM HERE?


Oa -84.73 

Va/lr/qa -All section above 80 percentile 

Mech engineer-71 %

12th -81 %

10th-92.73 %

Experience:23 months in IT till july 2018

29 months till 31st Jan.

Interview: Good. Mentioned all points that i wanted to convey,

Wat: Bad/ below average

Please tell me what are my chances of conversion and what is the tentative date of result?

Need this info very badly as I am already selected in other college and now not able to decide whether to join it or not as I am not sure of IIM results!! 




cat  90.86

10/12/Bcom   93/95/83

wat - average

PI - it was so poor. i couldnt convince them at all. they told me to try again next year. 

Any chance for conversion?

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what's the intake for 2019 -2021 batch?


When can we expect a final selection list from the institute?