[Official] IIM Jammu MBA Admission Queries [Batch 2021-23]

Greetings from IIM Jammu!

Welcome to the official thread for IIM Jammu’s admission-related queries for the batch of MBA 2021-23.

You can drop your queries regarding campus life, placements, pedagogy, life at Jammu, or anything related to admissions in this thread, and we will try to help you to the best of our abilities.


Heartiest congratulations to those who have converted the call; we await your joining at IIM Jammu.


The candidates who have converted the call are requested to fill the form to join the official WhatsApp group-



To the ones who are waitlisted, all the best because the game is still on! Keep watching this space for more updates. In order to join the WhatsApp group for aspirants, you are requested to share screenshot of your waitlisted result to either of the below contacts via WHATSAPP-

        1. Umang Gupta: 7696870778
        2. Amaresh Tiwari: 7044342201
        3. Badal Pathak: 8002002379
        4. Harsh Seth: 9918540621
        5. Khushboo Vats: 7703864539
        6. Palash Gupta: 8800987829
        7. Priya Achhada: 9106845292 
        8. Sekhar Gogoi: 7086200229
        9. Swastika Singh: 7905928033
        10. Suryanshu Gupta: 8090226901


The link to admission policy and different social media handles of IIM Jammu is mentioned below:

Website: www.iimj.ac.in
Admission Policy: http://www.iimj.ac.in/programs/post-graduate-program-pgp/admission-policy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iimjammu/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iimj_jammu/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/school/iimjammu/
Student Admission Team: [email protected]


All the best! We look forward to having you here at IIM Jammu!!


Hi, will IIM Jammu conduct WAT/PI this year? And will it consider sectional cut offs?

What is the admission process? It would be great if you could explain it

Hi team , CAT OA- 96.05(87/95/97) Acads- 88.71 (state board)/90.17(state board)/79.2 GEM fresher..chances of call?

OA-94.25 VA-95.65 LR-86.86 QA-89.xx GEM Fresher X/XII/B.TECH - 89/90.6/93.84 Any chance of getting a call? Plz help!


CAT - 94.21 (Clearing all the sectionals)

X - 91.20

XII - 92.20

B.Tech - 8.56/10

No work ex

Is there any chance to get a call?

Also what were the previous year cutoffs to get a call as well as converting it?

Thanks in advance

 Cat oa- 81.25 (82.23/87.65/66.77)  

10th- 9.4 cgpa 

12th- 84.40% 

Grad- 74% 

Nc-obc female engineer 

11 months workex as of 31st dec'18 

 Chances of getting a call? 

Cat 82.19 va di qa (67.46 /89.55 /85.53) OBC X 93.5 XII 77.1 BTECH 73.84 Male fresher Any chances ??

Hi, any chances of call CAT OA 98.11 QA 92.35 DI 99.06 VA 96.19 Acads X 77.60 XII 58.00 Grad 63.25 Work ex 25 months in SBI as probationary officer GEM


CAT OA : 96.48

VA/QA/DL : 99/95/89


10/12/GRAD : 96/86/75


chances ??

CAT OA : 95.32 VA/LRDI/QA : 97.89/95.05/79.29 GEM 10/12/GRAD : 79.56/77.50/7.5 WORK EX - 13 months What are the chances ???

Hi NC OBC Male engineer CAT percentile- 90.36 Sectional: VARC - 80.3 DILR- 67.3 QUANT- 97.5 Acads:. 10 - 78 12 - 68 B.Tech - 75 28 months of work experience in IT. Chances?

Gem cat 88.8 va-81,di-94, qa-85 12months work ex 10th-93,12th-79.5, engg-73 is there a chance of getting a call? If yes then what are the chances of conversion?

Male Engineer OBC-NC

CAT - 79.8

VA - 84.17

DI/LR - 78.43

QA - 66.77

10th - 9.0/10

12th - 79.2%

B.Tech - 71.78%

16 Months Work Ex. as on 31st Jan'19


Gem No workex Cat - 91 95/97.2/66.5 What are my chances of getting a call ?

General Female BSc Biotech Grad CAT score: VA: 99.8 DILR: 90.6 QA: 77.69 OA: 96.53 10th/12th/Grad: 80, 74, 78 Call possible?


OA: 93.81

(VARC: 96.76; DILR: 80.17; QA: 88.77)

X/XII/GRAD (CSE Eng): 78/62/73

Work Exp: 40 months

Category: General Male

Chances of call?

Will iim Jammu call people directly this year as well?

Hi During checking my pdf application I just realized that I missed out filling 2 CAP iims in the application from. So my question is whether I will be left out of CAP process entirely or will I be receiving calls from filled ones

CAT: 82.68ile






10/12/btech  90/65/73

no work ex

what are my chances?