[OFFICIAL] IIM Bodh Gaya 2022-24 Admission Queries

when did you get your WL no ?

There is movement in GEN-SNG upto 28 as per the latest update. Does this mean there is 0 movement in regular GEN categoty? Please clarify. And if this trend continues, is GEN WL 229 is a possible convert? @YATHARTH_KUMAR

Did you convert brother? And if yes, when did you receive the offer?

R u fresher or experienced?


Chances of converting WL-EWS-SNG-14

  • yes
  • no
  • 50-50

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Hi my WL no. is WL-NC-OBC-018 and today folks till WL-NC-OBC-SNG-025 have converted? So have I converted or not? Coz didn’t received any mail.

The movement was in SNG (supernumarary girls) category only. So no movement in NC OBC male

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Can we expect movement in gernal category also

Is there any official group for converts?

Ok. Thanks Parth

Greetings Candidates,
Whoever has converted will be added to the official Converts WhatsApp Group soon.

Hi admin, will we see any further movement in the waiting list for General category?
Given that SNG seats are being filled now?

@YATHARTH_KUMAR on the website it says SNG candidates will be offered vacant seats does this means now all seats are full and there will be no movement in other categories?
Or can we still expect movement ?

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Hi @Killua007, The Movement is static if candidates withdraw their admission then the movement will happen.

Hi adcom
I haven’t received original degree from University i graduated in 2019 , university hasn’t published original degree yet but I have provisional degree
Could this be problem during document verification

And is there any WhatsApp group for 2022-2024 batch students

Hii Yatharth, i have paid the acceptance fee. How shall i be added to official group, if there is any link please send the link.

Hi @Veerpalsingh, Provisional Degree Would work.

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Hi @satyam6501, you will be added to the official group soon.

Hi @YATHARTH_KUMAR is there an whatsapp group for converts, if there is can you share the link?