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Placement report pls

Can freshers fill for Early decision round? If yes what is the application form cost and last date?

B-Plan workshop to be organised by the Entrepreneur Committee Date : 8th December 2018

It was a great pleasure for IFMR-GSB to host Mr.Chandramogan, the Chairman and Managing Director of Hatsun Agro Product Limited for a guest lecture. The topic of the session was "The Journey from Tiny to Large", which showcased his glorious entrepreneurial journey of how he turned his investment of mere Rs.13000, into a Rs 5000 crore pan-Indian organization. He enlightened the students with stories about the successes and failures of his company and how his strategy of "fencing the market, without attacking" helped him dodge large competitors and gain greater dominance in the industry. When he faced a dilemma to liquidate his business like some of his competitors or carry on with it in 1993, he realized the demand and potential of the Indian masses and went ahead with making his brand even bigger and much more diversified. Presently, Hatsun is one of the top 3 ice-cream manufacturing companies of the country under the charismatic leadership of Mr. Chandramogan and this, according to him, couldn't have been achieved without endurance and patience.

Why should you pursue Finance at IFMR GSB? https://youtu.be/Ap1f51szf-8

ECHOES - An Speaker's Club initiative to enhance the communication skills and force creativity amongst the students. Speakers club at IFMR GSB understands the importance of Communication skills in the industry and has taken responsibility to improve communication skills along with the critical thinking of the students. They keep taking initiatives by conducting several events at IFMR GSB.

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Life at IFMR GSB 


A historic milestone in the illustrious journey of IFMR !!- " Welcome to IFMR GSB @Krea University"


What is the cuttoff fr all exams

Chances at ifmr:

CAT 2018 raw score:

VARC = 71

DILR = 9

QA = 10

Overall Score = 90 ( ~ 83 %ile )

10th = 82.8 %

12th = 82 %

B.E. = 80.69 %

Work ex = 54 months in various sectors, roles and organisations.( 30 months in IT,a year gap, 10 months in Media and Entertainment, 14 months in Ed tech )

Category :- general Background :- engineering Gender :- male 10th:- 80.13 12th :- 81.3 Grad :- 54.5 Work experience :- nill Expected cat percentile :- 86.5 - 88.5 Chances of getting the call and the conversion

When should we pay the fees for those who get selected via EDR? I mean admission fees

IFMR GSB Congratulates Ashank Mehrotra for making it to Deloitte SIP 2019-20!!


 Is there is any chance with this scores ?

CAT 2018 raw score : VARC = 31

                                  DILR = 31

                                  QA = 25

                                  Overall Score = 87 (~ 83 percentile) 

Academics : 10th = 85%

                    12th = 91% 

                    BCOM = 64% (DISTANCE)
 No work EX

Is work ex compulsory?

Hi, till what time should I consider my work experience while applying as I am still working....and is there any maximum limit in regards to work experience for getting a call? I have 2.5 years of work ex as of 2018 december

I've read that IFMR gives relaxation in cutoffs for those with good profiles. May I know what kind of achievements are considered for selection? Also should these achievements have to be only high school and college level or can be of pre- high school also?

IFMR at a glance https://youtu.be/HnG8jd-uP0k

Hi. I have a total work experience of 37 months. Will that cause any issue for profile based calls?