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Hi bro I raised ticket for same, they replied to me that people who had submitted form on or before 20 th of December they dont have to update their CAT score card .

I hope they might take our scores directly form IIM as we have provided them with our CAT Reg. number

Gen Engg Female (Fresher)
CAT OA - 89.6
VARC - 94.26
DILR - 49.3
QA - 91.26
10/12/Grads - 10cgpa/78.4/84
Will I be able to get a call if I apply? If yes, then what are the chances of conversion?

As per the past year’s trend, you stand a fair chance of receiving a call.
All the best!

Thanks for your reply

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FORE School of Management re-opens admissions for PGDM in IB, FM, and BDA!

Apply now and become associated with a pioneer institute in management education.

Apply Now – Home

FORE School of Management offers a lot of opportunities and activities a student can experience during the course of learning. One such part of the college is different committees and Special Interest Groups, which organizes and handles different activities of the college.

Core committees at FORE-

:FORE Alumni Network: This committee brings together almost 5000 alumni from all over the world. It allows students to contact alumni and learn from their experiences while at the institute. :The Corporate Interaction Division: It acts as a liaison between the institute and the business world. Various interactive workshops are held for students to learn from real-life entrepreneurial stories. : Antar : The social committee’s goal is to put a smile on thousands of people’s faces. It believes in giving back to society and has partnered with a number of non-profit organizations to do so. :The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development: It aims at motivating students to develop innovative ideas of entrepreneurial ventures for which it organizes various workshops and competitions on a regular basis. :FORE Sports and Cultural Division: This team organizes various competitions and activities to help the students keep up their enthusiasm and neutralize the stress of academics. :FORE Technical Division: This committee brings all the latest technology to use for all the other committees of the institute. It organizes various inter and intra college events targeting all the students with interest in the field from different management institutions across the country. :FOREword: It is the student editorial and literary committee of FORE School of Management. It is responsible for being the voice of FORE, by compiling newsletters and articles on the various happenings and events happening the year round. :TEDxFORE : TEDxFORE brings the spirit of TED’s mission of ideas worth spreading to local communities around the globe to students.: Nexus : Providing a platform to the students to explore their creative side, this committee adds a bit of spark in the otherwise tedious life. : Think Tank : The committee organizes various inter as well as intra-college events and competitions for the students to learn from their creative way of imparting knowledge. : FORE Connect : Also referred to as the ‘face of FORE’, this committee acts as a bridge between the students of FORE and other management students across the country. : Personality Enhancement Cell : It trains and prepares the students for their placements by organizing various activities like mock GDs and newsroom sessions. : Center for Research and Innovation in Frugal Technology Management : This committee focuses on researching, promoting, and implementing frugal innovations.

Special Interest Groups are as follows-

: FORE Economy and Finance Forum : This committee aims at providing the knowledge to the students about the happenings in the world of economy and finance. : FORE Operations and Strategy Group: The objective of this SIG is to understand about the supply chain and the strategies that various organizations follow. : International Business Forum : It aims at keeping the students informed about the current business scenarios and trends around the globe. : Special Interest Group - Human Resources: The purpose of this SIG is to share every innovation in the world of HR with the students.: Special Interest Group- IP :The purpose of this group is share every new update and happenings related to stocks and shares. : Special Interest Group- Marketing : The committee focuses on promoting marketing as a discipline and welcomes students who are inclined towards activities related to the field of marketing. : SIG - Sankalp : Purpose of this group is to promote the Hindi language in the field of management and leadership without undermining the importance of any other language.: SIG-D2C Igniters : It fosters a culture of competition and aims to create an environment that provides the opportunity for students to take up new challenges


FORE School of Management, New Delhi was proud to host Mr. Amod Vijayvargiya, Vice President and Global Operating Leader, Genpact, to speak on “Leadership in the New Phygital World” in a webinar organized by the Corporate Interaction Division.
Mr. Vijayvargiya shared 4 key elements of becoming an impactful leader- a leader should inspire trust, create a strategy, execute the strategy and develop a pipeline of future leaders.
The participants understood the meaning of the “phygital world” in more depth and about the adoption of digital technology in all fields.
We express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Vijayvargiya for such an insightful session.
#FORESchoolofManagement #Digital #YoungLeader

Hi Souvik,
The cut-offs vary every year. Last year’s cut-off was 86.50.
You can decide accordingly.
All the best!

While applying for FORE I was not have my Cat score card and Experience letter handy, Ho w can I upload it now?

Hi Abhishek,
If you have applied before 20th December the scores will be directly taken through your CAT registration number.
Else you will find an option to update your score on the dashboard.
All the best!

How to update the score of XAT in dashboard ? @Ibrahim_FORE

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Hi Utivit,
The scores will be taken directly from your XAT registration number.
You don’t have to update it on the portal.
All the best!

Last date to apply- 25th January!
3 Days to go!
Hurry Up!
Link- Home

Hi Souvik,
Kindly DM

For the candidates applying at FORE School of Management, all your queries have been answered in the FAQ segment under Admission 2022-2024, kindly go through the website thoroughly for more information!
Link: Admissions FAQ

“FORE School of Management has provided me with the right platform and numerous opportunities as and when required. My journey at FORE has helped me become a better version of myself. It has impacted me not only on a professional front but also in my personal life.
One major takeaway from my internship was that one should always experiment (e.g., marketing campaign) on a small scale before taking any major decision in the value chain. It enables one to make an educated decision and reduces the chances of failure.” - Keshav
We wish you the best for your future!

X,XII,Grad - 90/76/51
no work ex, done lots of freelancing works. non engineer bio background. graduated in 2018.
What are my chances of getting a call?

Hey John,
As per the past year’s trend, you have a good chance of receiving a call.
All the very best!

Are the applications still open for PGDM?