(Official) Athena School of Management, Mumbai Admission Queries 2022-24

NMAT by GMAC Preferred Business School - Athena School of Management in Mumbai strives to help students become future-ready with Multiple Internships, International Exposure and Experiential Programs. Athena offers special NMAT Scholarships. Choose Athena on NMAT Registration Form. Visit bit.ly/athenai or whatsapp 09699589946

About Athena School of Management
Athena School of Management is located in Mumbai – the Financial & Commercial Capital of India. The Athena program is specifically designed for students who want to become Successful Leaders in the Corporate Sector or Entrepreneurs.
At Athena, Innovation - Creativity - Experimentation are core values. From Experiential Learning, Multiple Internships, Joint Global Projects, International Immersions, Teaching & Workshops with Global Leaders, collaborating with stakeholders across India & Abroad, creating a Sustainable Ecosystem, engaging with youth, encouraging Entrepreneurship & participating in Global Challenges, we do it all at Athena.

The timings for First Year go from 8.30am to 3/4pm IST

8.30am is when there are discussions after reading newspapers and communicating the important articles of the day

9am is when a lecture starts and goes upto 11.30am with a 10-15 min bio break in between

11.30am-12pm is the duration of a break

12pm to 2.30pm is the second lecture with again a 10-15 min bio break in between

2.45pm to 3-4pm is when we do extracurriculars and various activities.

In this way, 9 subjects are covered in the first semester and Saturdays are again for extracurriculars and building on communication and presentation skills.


Interview Process

The interview process is pretty simple.
After filling the college form, for whichever course you have applied for, you get a notification about the form being filled and receive a call for the interview being scheduled soon.
The admissions are based either on your NMAT or CAT score and the interview is a conversation between you and the Director.
It is a formal conversation between you and the Director, so do dress up in formals and the questions are related to your understanding of things, so do read up and understand current affairs
There are scholarships opportunities provided as well, on the basis of your score in competitive exams, and your previous academic performance.
You can ask the Director questions as well, to understand the process better.


The courses Athena offers

Post Graduate Programme in Management

We follow an end user based design and structure for our courses. The course content is design based on input and industry oriented from the corporate perspective. Our Visiting Faculties are from the Corporate Sector and all of them are having good industry experience. We believe that this high level of exposure and training by luminaries of the corporate world would extensively prepare our students to meet the future challenges.The pedagogy and classroom delivery style is case study and project based rather than a traditional teacher – student monologue approach. We follow the Socrates Methodology of teaching where 20% of your session is taught by the faculty and 80% is based on Interactive Sessions, Questioning by the students, Debating and Discussions. This places students in real life business scenarios where they need to make decisions in real-time.

In Year 1 the course focuses on core subjects including International Business, Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship. In Year 2 the course offers Specialisation in Marketing or Finance or HR (students can choose any one of these specialisations).


Global Management Program in US

Athena School of Management and University of Albany School of Business come together to offer a unique Dual Degree Program in Management. Students pursue their First Year at Athena in Mumbai and then continue their Second Year at the University at Albany School of Business – State University of New York campus at Albany in upstate New York. By the end of the program, students would have completed Multiple Internships, studied at the Two World Class Business Schools across Mumbai & Albany in New York, taught by leading faculty & corporate leaders in India & USA and have Two Qualifications – Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) – Global from Athena & Masters in Business Administration or Masters in Science (STEM Approved) from University at Albany – State University of New York (SUNY).


Global Management Program in France

India’s Best Emerging Business School & one of France’s Oldest & Most Respected Institutions & Grand Ecole have come together to offer a unique Dual Degree Program in Management. Students pursue their First year at the Athena School of Management in Mumbai and then continue their Second Year at the historical Conservatoire national des arts et métiers campus in the heart of Paris.

By the end of the program, students would have completed Three Internships (Two in India & One in France), studied at Two World Class Business Schools in Mumbai & Paris, taught by leading faculty & corporate leaders in India & Europe and have Two Qualifications - Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) - Global from Athena & Masters in Management (MIM) from Conservatoire national des arts et métiers. Students will truly be global professionals with a choice to pursue their career in the Corporate Sector or as Entrepreneurs in Europe or in India.


Luxury Management Programme

India’s Best Emerging Business School & one France’s Best Business Schools & Grandes Écoles have come together to offer a unique Dual Degree Program in Luxury and Brand Management. Students pursue their First year at Athena in Mumbai and then continue their Second Year at the Rennes Campus located at Rennes near Paris – France (The Luxury Capital of the World!)

By the end of the program, students would have completed Three Internships (Two in India & One in France) , studied at the Two World Class Business Schools across Mumbai & France, taught by leading faculty & corporate leaders in India & Europe and have Two Qualifications – Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) – Luxury from Athena & M.Sc. in International Luxury & Brand Management from Rennes SB.

Students will truly be global professionals in Luxury & Brand Management with a choice to pursue their career in the Corporate Sector or as Entrepreneurs in Europe or in India.


For more information, click on the links under the course and understand it better.

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Internship Series

Athena offers Internships for 3 semesters


Sem 1 and Sem 2 - Generic Internships


Sem 3 - Internship according to the specialisation

The internships offered are currently divided into various divisions
1a HR
1b Marketing
1c Young Leader

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1a HR

The companies in which HR roles currently offered are - CRISIL, Aditya Birla, Britannia, Raymond where students are doing internships in HR - Talent Acquisition, HR - Operations, HR - Campus Recruitments.

Student experiences

  • It is a really interesting experience with a lot to learn from the opportunity, it provided exposure to understanding how corporations work and how the whole work process is. along with that, it helped develop communication, as well as, helped be more accountable about responsibility.
  • I loved the work environment and I also realised that there was so much that I wasn’t aware of before. The overall experience is good so far as I’m getting a lot to learn about the HR Field.
  • A great exposure to the HR department in the real market is helping to gain enormous amount of experience
  • The managers helped a lot to enhance my skills and knowledge.

1b Marketing

The companies in which Marketing roles are currently offered are - ALL - Future Group, Human Edge, Moonshot Jr. where students are doing internships in Market Research, Marketing and Sales, Digital Marketing, Event Management.

Student Experiences.

  • The mentor is really good and understanding and busy. Overall, a very good experience.
  • Learning a lot of things and enjoying working with our mentor and team.
  • I’m having fun, they’re really helpful, I’m getting to learn a lot

1c Young Leader

The companies in which Young Leader roles are currently offered is THEV Consulting where students are doing internships as Young Leader Interns.

Student Experiences

  • Good experience as it helps to know how to Convince people and how to work in a group.
  • Worth the time and I got to learn a lot.
  • Digital marketing experience - to increase the reach of the company on different types of social media

Positions of Responsibilities and Opportunities

At Athena School of Management, each student is given positions of responsibilities to improve their work ethic, build on their team working qualities and have a sense of responsibility, as well. It also adds to our networking skill set and helps add value to the education.

We are assigned various tasks and more in depth information will be provided about the same, but to mention the responsibilities that we are given.

  1. Rotaract (we are one of the very few b schools with this opportunity)
  2. Societies (we have various societies such as Marketing, Finance, Placement, Sports, etc.)
  3. Joint projects (with other b schools)
  4. Case study competitions
  5. Competitions to participate in
  6. Virtual internships (additional to the internships we receive)
  7. International debates
  8. Additional certificate courses
  9. Few additional activities

Rotaract (We are one of the very few B - schools with this opportunity)

As mentioned, we are one of the few b schools to do Rotaract activities, however, this is only for the First Year and not the second. We get to do various events, summits, activities and collaborations with various national and international clubs. We get to interact and network with various people on a regular basis, as each member is either a core team member or a director and has their own group in the district. Everyone gets to learn new skill sets, as well as participate in various activities of the other clubs.

There is a Rotaract academy to learn various new things and every year a theme is chosen for the clubs, and the work to fulfil that theme takes place. Each member is given opportunities to present their ideas ahead and resources are provided to make that activity a reality.

Till date this club has done summits, webinars, quizzes, movie nights and fundraisers.

Having an opportunity to explore ideas and create something from scratch, managing it, assigning duties, helps us build teamwork as well as leadership skill set.

This club provides us with those opportunities!

Societies (we have various societies such as Marketing, Finance, Placement, Sports, etc.)

We have six societies currently which cover various topics on a regular basis. These societies are used to cover a range of topics using information from the particular fields, and activities / quizzes on the same. Each society has a President for improving leadership skill sets and a Vice president as well as a secretary for team building.

  1. Finance society

Finance society covers various finance topics as mentioned and helps others understand the various financial concepts using games, quizzes, and presentations to build understanding on finance.

  1. Marketing society

Marketing society covers a range of topics from branding to marketing, to understanding the importance of how to put information across to be consumed by people. This society conducts activities to build understanding of how to present things using gamification, quizzes, team building activities and presentations

  1. Cultural society

Cultural society is focused on various celebrations, to bring various cultures together and understand the importance of appreciation of different cultures. They help us understand the meaning behind various festivals and celebrations.

  1. International society

International society is a society focused on various international and around the globe understanding of things. It includes a collection of information of differences and similarities, using debates for better understanding and various fun quizzes to put the information across.

  1. Entrepreneurship society

Entrepreneurship society is focused on various entrepreneurial activities and understanding of what is necessary to start the journey to an entrepreneur. This information is put across using presentations and quizzes.

  1. Sports society

Sports society is a society focused on games and team building. Due to lockdown, it is focused on activities based on mental sports - like chess, but various physical sports are also included, along with quizzes on various sports topics.

For each society, bulletins can also be released with Informationals on the same topics.

Our placement society is developed at a later stage for building team building and networking skills and further development of individuals studying at Athena.

Joint projects (with other B schools and Networks)

We are given opportunities to work with other colleges for projects internationally, where various college students are divided into teams and have to present their projects eventually

The topics range from sustainability, entrepreneurial understanding, further research into various topics and working together towards solutions
Colleges from Liverpool, Romania, as well as students applying from other colleges are given opportunities to apply for the same

Joint projects helps us network and build our understanding of different cultures and work together harmoniously

Case study competitions

Students at Athena are given opportunities to participate in various case study competitions, either in a group setting or as individuals.

We have been given opportunities which can be converted into internships, under companies like Flipkart and HUL, as well as international competitions, like GBSN and BGA - where we are given topics and to brainstorm solutions for the same.

The topics range from various fields like Marketing, HR, Finance, to Sustainability, and Relief due to natural disasters. These topics involve working in teams or individual brainstorming and submissions to be made and are usually in rounds format, where you can win cash prizes if you reach the finals, as well.

These opportunities, while paid for by others, are provided free to students at Athena, with additional guidance webinars for the competitions for better understanding of the same.

Such competitions help build our understanding of the worldwide market and helps us build ourselves as individuals and network with others

Competitions to participate in

As mentioned above, we have various competitions to participate in, to build our knowledge, and network, such as debates, various summits to learn about new things, various talks from industry leaders to communicate with them and understand new concepts.

Various games and activities such as presentations and quizzes to build up our General Knowledge and continuously doing something to keep our brains active is part of the experience at Athena.

Virtual Internships

We are provided with our work internships with various companies, but additionally, we are also given opportunities to do virtual programs or internships on Forage, where we get experiences in various fields and concepts.

We are given exposure to these programs and provided with certificates which can be added to our LinkedIn profiles and our CVs.

These programs provide us with knowledge and help us learn from various top companies and courses which we like and want to learn more about.

These programs are also provided to us by Athena, without any additional cost and we can pursue various learning experiences with the help of opportunities provided by Athena.

International debates

We are also given opportunities in classes, as well as on various forums to participate in debates.

While the debates during classes or activities, do not have a particular format which needs to be followed and the rules are given during the discussion itself, the format usually is point and discussion on the same, either supporting or opposing

Other national and international debate opportunities are also given to the students, with the parliamentary debate format and the rules of the same assigned working with people from different states and countries, and working together on new topics, coordinating and researching with them.

Additionally training sessions on how these debates are conducted and assessed are also taught and explained. Certification for the same is provided as well to showcase the experience.

These opportunities also help us enhance how to put our points ahead to people, noting down the feedback, and further analysing how to put our explanation ahead and answer questions. It helps us build the way we discuss things, while simultaneously being respectful.

Additional certificate courses

At Athena, we are given additional opportunities to enhance and update our skill set, with online courses from edX, to study various courses offered by the various elite universities and it is free of cost, with an additional certificate provided to us, after the completion of the test modules and the course.

These courses prove useful in understanding the new things which are out there, updating ourselves, learning something new, as well as understanding the global landscape of the corporate world better. In addition to learning these courses, we get to choose the courses and learn about something, which can be an interest or a curiosity.

Various other opportunities, as previously mentioned, provide us with knowledge and certifications, which end up being a valuable asset to our future!