Life @ Welingkar [WeSchool] Bengaluru

I have got 110/200 (94.03%ile), Category: SC, B.E from Nagpur University. Do i have a chance in Welingkar MMS??? thank you...

What are the chances of getting a package of >= 10 Lakhs through campus placements in Welingkar?

Also, to what degree does the work experience of a candidate impact his/her salary package?

have got 97.43% in cmat sep-2014, no work exp, do i have a chance at Wellingkar?

hi is welingkar mumbai to pursue MBA in terms of career as well as the placements,,what are the pros and cons.thank you..:)


Was wondering how great is Welingkar (placement wise) for those perusing marketing?

Their placement in general seems impressive however i did notice its Finance that dominates the scene.

Any inputs on this would be helpful! Thanks 😃

howz lyf at welingker..?strict or linient and attendance required?

hi guys...i want to know which is the best specialisation in mba at welingkar mumbai?..plz help asap

When will be the GD-Pi scheduled on the basis of CMAT ?

Can Any One please help me with a tentative date.

Please help.

guys plz throw light on the hostel facility at we school mumbai

how is PGDM ebiz and business design at welingkar in terms of placements and what is avg package ???

how is Retail Management course at Welingkar in terms of placements and what is the avg package offered? Is it good for a fresher from an engineering background??

Could you tell me what month does the pgdm retail programme get completed in and around how many hours a day are the classes held?

Hello people I am a student at Welingkar Mumbai in Business Design. If u gyz have some queries you can inbox me!

WeSchool Mumbai/Bangaluru Case Study and Personal Interview Experience 2016 Thread

Hello Puys

This year many students were finding various difficulties regarding the WeSchool's GDPI/CSPI process, since there was no previous years GDPI  experience thread of WeSchool.

Since this year many of us attended WeSchools CDPI process, it will be really good thing from our side to share our experiences for the future WeSchool aspirant... 

And let this thread be only for sharing our CSPI experience puys and not any other query...


Please Follow this PAGE

P.S - Those Who have already shared their CDPI experiences elsewhere please copy and paste your experience in this thread aswell..

 I scored 89.01% in CMAT... - 78%

12th - 69%

and 10th - 71%...

No work experience. 

Should i apply for Welingkar? Please suggest... 

Please tell something about gd/pi experiences of welingkar,

What  are my chances of selection 

10th 93% 12th 81.4 btech 68% Cmat 97.3 percentile

MHCET 87 percentile, 10th 91%, 12th 64%, 8.3cgpa, GD PI -average performance, 2 years work experience with infosys ltd, have applied for all the courses in Welingkar. Are there chances of selection in any course?

I have applied for healthcare management only. How much is CMAT score cut off for pgdm-healthcare? Those who got selected after 2nd merit list..what were their scores?

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