ISB Aspirants 2021

Hello Guys, Any idea od ISB round 2 interviews when will they start?

Any Idea when the ISB R2 results will be out?

can anyone share their interview experiences for ISB 2021 (R1/R2)? have got an interview coming up and it would be really helpful. Thanks!

Any EEO candidate who has heard from ISB? R2 or R1

Did anyone recieved any interview call from ISB after applying in R3 ?

I applied to ISB in round 3 on 7th March. Anyone, who applied in R3, has gotten any communication, interview or otherwise from them? 

Does anyone received any call from isb after applying in R3 I submitted my application on march 07th,2021 but still i am waiting No replies from their end for mail or phone If you guys have any idea - please revery


Hi friends.

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