CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions 2019 – PaGaLGuY

1/x+1/y=1/z where x=12 and y,z positive integer how many possible value of y and z ?
a) 4
b) 7
C) 12
d) infinite

6)Find the real roots of the equation (x+5)(x+6)(x+7)(x+8) = 960 ?

Que 15-:The total ordered pair of positive integers (p, q) such that the roots of equations x^2 -px + p + q - 3 = 0 and x^2 -qx + p + q - 3 = 0 are also positive integers are ?

One fashion house has to make 810 dresses and another one, 900 dresses during the same period of time. In the first house, the order was ready 3 days ahead of time and in the second house, 6 days ahead of time. How many dresses did each fashion house make a day if the second house made 21 dresses more a day than the first ? 

Plz soution to this would be really as great help

Tips on Cracking the CAT and the Interview.

A Very Happy Republic Day to all.. 

  • I will die for the nation for the sake of safety, security and integrity of the country.
  • Other (mention in comments)
  • I will go Global rather having National Identity: (wtfrut)
  • I will be aware of my Fundamental Rights and Duties and will have understanding of the difference between two.
  • I will never let die patriotic feeling in myself and will encourage others for it who don’t feel the the same.
  • I wil always TRY to be good towards the people, the Nation and the Humanity.

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p,q,r ---> positive and in A.P

How to take random values of p,q,r so that it satisfies the above equation. Facing alot of difficulty in getting by this method to solve. 

Fruitful suggestions welcomed.

For quant-quantamcat by sarvesh verma or arun sharma????

A very long case though... Pls help me getting solve this 18 q?

Ans and explanation for 5 pls..

will any  general engineer get call at 10th 83 12th 83  and grad 80 but cat above 99 %ile from any of old IIMS workex 3 +

Circular gears P and Q start rotating at the same time at constant speeds. Gear P makes 10 revolutions per minute , and gear Q makes 40 revolutions per minute . How many seconds after the gears start rotating will gear Q have made exactly 6 more revolutions than gear P ? 
a)6 b)8 c)10 d)12 e)15 
Solution , anyone ?

A number of squares are described whose perimeters are in G.P. Then their sides will be in                                                                                                                                      a) AP b) GP c) HP d)Nothing can be said                                                                               Please give an explanation as well.Thanks

I got overall 76%(90 marks) in Cat with 4 month preparation. Did not study for last two month. If i start now is it possible to get 99+(180 marks) this year. Please any senior help me as i do not have good marks in academics so i need 99+. Please help. How to proceed.

Q 14...?

Three numbers 5x9 , 7y2, 9z6 are calculated as 5x9-7y2+9z6 = 823. What should be the maximum value of y 1. 5 2. 6 3. 7 4. 9

Does it make sense to appear for cat 2016 after having 5 years of experience?