CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions 2019 – PaGaLGuY

triangle formed by joining midpoints of another triangle then ratio of sides is 1:2 and ratio of areas is 1:4. What about joining points 1/3 of the side of a triangle. Also, can any one generalise the result when points are joined in 1/p proportion. ?

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The value of a quadratic function f(x) is a negative for all values of x, except for x = 2. If f(x = 0) = -10, then find the value of f(x = -2).

a. - 40 b. - 80 c. - 60 d. Data Inconsistent

Q- there are some students who likes 3 subjects maths, reasoning,& english. 92 students likes maths, 39 students like english & maths. 82 students likes english, 41 students likes english & reasoning. 34 more studentts likes reasoning out of which 22 students likes maths also. 17 students likes only english. 1) find approximately the % of the students who likes reasoning & english but not maths. 2) find approximately the % of the students who likes atleast 2 subjects. 3) the no. of the students who likes maths but not reasoning & english is approximately what % of the students who likes maths & reasoning but not english. 4) find the ratio of the no. of students who likes atleast one subject to the no. of students who likes atmost 2 subjects. 5) find the sum of the no. of students who likes atleast 2 subjects & the no.of the students who likes atmost 2 subjects.

If a four digit natural number is 7083 more than the  number formed by reversing the order of digits , then how many such natural numbers are possible ?

Q 13

No of shortest paths from A to B

A king is placed in bottom left corner. In how many ways it can reach bottom right corner in exactly 7 moves??

K(N) denotes the no. Of ways in which N can be expressed as a difference of two perfect squares. Which of the following is maximum?

A. K(110)

B. K(105)

C. K(216)

D. K(384)

CAT Question on Permutation

How many ways are there for arranging letters of the word AMAZING such that the ‘I’ appears between the two ‘A’s?

  • 7 ! ways
  • 8 ! ways
  • 4 ! ways
  • 5 ! ways

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What is the sum of all 4 digit numbers that can be formed by the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4? No repetitions allowed.

There is a six-letter word having distinct letters. The first two letters are horizontally symmetrical, the last two are vertically symmetrical and the remaining two are both horizontally and vertically symmetrical.

  1. The two letters in the middle are vowels and they are arranged in alphabetical order.
  2. The last two letters are consecutive letters and comprise one vowel and one consonant.
  3. The first two letters are consecutive letters.

How many combinations of the three statements above can uniquely determine exactly four letters of the given word?

  • 0
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1

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a can Contains a mxture of two liquid A and B. in the ratio 7:5. When 9 litres of mixture is drawn and filled with liquid B. the ratio becomes 7:9. How many litres of liquid A does it had initially. ?

Sol : 21. PLease tell a better approach 

A vessel is filled with liquid 3 parts of which is water and 5 part is syrup. what % of mixture must be withdrawn and replaced with water so that the mixture becomes half syrup half water. ?

Mindwrokzzz centre for management studies has three branches india, i.e. at Patna , Lucknow, and Jamshedpur. The number of faculty members in each center may vary depending upon the intake capacity of students . The following information was obtained from reliable sources :-

1) At times, a specialist of a subject of one city may visit a centre at another city to teach for few days. Each faculty teaches at least one city and may or may not teach at another city.

2) Some of the faculty members are teaching exactly two centres and the number for various possible combination is in ratio 1:2:3 respectively(in the same order of the centre mentioned above)

3) 10 faculty members teaching at Patna centre are also teaching at a minimum of one centre.

4) 24 faculty members teach at Patna centre.

5)The number of faculty members in lucknow alone is twice the number of those who visit all the three cities to teach their respective specializations.

6) Number of faculty members teaching at Jamshedpur centre alone is four more than the number of faculty members teaching at all three centre.

Q. Based upon the information given above, how many total faculty members are employed at Mindwrokzz?

(a) 43

(b) 44

(c) 45

(d) cannot be determined

(e) None of these.

Given Z = 4x^2+xy+3x-2y=7, then what will be the number of ordered pairs (x,y) and both are integers?

what was the sectional and overall scaled scores for 99+ percentilers ??? 

Has anyone ever used Arun Sharma DI and other books meant for CAT? 

how are they? I need some inputs, pretty urgent :) 

Also please tell me 

Main ye DI kaha se padhu, aisa kya hai ismein jo set hi nahi hilta ??? 

What conceptual understanding do I need? I have worked on calculations ! 

Please refer sources where I can totally learn about the heart and soul of those DI sets which are called "logical" because they are hard to grasp at one go 

what do 99 percentilers do? Where did they study from? 

My brain doesn't even work that way ! 

Please help. I have tried a lot, to the level of mugging up logics. None work.  

Find the number of triplets of (x,y,z) non-negative integers ?

If 6x^2 - 5y^2 - 7xy  + 2xz + 8x + yz + 4y = 30