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A man's favorite donkey falls into a deep precipice; He can't pull it out no matter how hard he tries; He therefore decides to bury it alive.

Soil is poured onto the donkey from above. The donkey feels the load, shakes it off, and steps on it; More soil is poured.

It shakes it off and steps up; The more the load was poured, the higher it rose; By noon, the donkey was grazing in green pastures.

After much shaking off (of problems) And stepping up (learning from them), One will graze in GREEN PASTURES

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Here we go!!!

If a^3 = b^3 =c^3 = 1 and a, b and c are distinct values, then a+b+c=?

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3 pipes are connected to an inverted cone, with its base at the top. 2 inlet pipes, A and B, are connected to the top of the cone and can fill the empty cone individually in 8hrs and 12hrs hours, respectively. The outlet pipe C, connected to the bottom,can empty a filled cone in 4 hours. When the cone is completely filled with water, all three pipes are opened. Two of the three pipes remain open for 20 hours continuously and the third pipe remains open for a  lesser time. As a result, the height of the water inside the cone comes down to 50%.

Which of the following would be possible?

  • The situation is not possible.
  • Pipe A was open for 19 hrs.
  • Pipe A was open for 19.5 hrs.
  • Pipe B was open for 19.5 hrs.
  • Pipe C was open for 19 hrs 50 min.

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Let a,b,c,d,e be natural numbers in an arithmetic progression such that a + b + c + d + e is the cube of an integer and b + c + d is square of an integer . The least possible value of the number of digit C is ? 

In how many ways can 1000 be written as a sum of consecutive integers? 

In order to buy a car, a man borrowed Rs. 180000on the condition that he had to pay 7.5% interest every year. He also agreed to repay the principal in equal annual instalments over 21 years. After a certain number of years, however, the rate of interest has been reduced to 7%. It is also known that at the end of the agreed period, he will have paid in all Rs. 270900 in interest.

For how many years does he pay at the reduced rate?

  • 14
  • 7
  • 12
  • 16

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Distinct letters of the alphabet are used to represent the digits from 0 to 9. E and D are both less than 5 with D>E, so that the sum of D and E is the average of W and T. 

What are the values of Alphabets?

A "good" word is any seven letter word consisting of letters from {A,B,C} (some letters may be absent and some letter can be present more than once), with the restriction that A cannot be followed by B, B cannot be followed by C, and C cannot be followed by A.

How many good words are there??

  • 191
  • 128
  • 192
  • 127

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What percentile you have in quant section ? #Cat15

  • 70 - 80
  • 60 - 70
  • 100
  • 99 - 100
  • 95 - 99
  • 90 - 95
  • 80 - 90
  • 50 - 60
  • below 50

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What book do you follow for your quant preparation??

Hey CAT God @scrabbler  Some guidance for the prep early on..plz 

I want to ace it surpassing ur record. 😃



If x is not equal to 0,is |x| less than 1?

1.x/|x| less than X
2.|x| greater than x

47 to 49

1^1 X 2^2 X 3^3 upto 100^100. Isme kitne zeroes honge?

A number X is successively divided by 11 , 4  & 3 leaving remainder 9,2 & 1 respectively. The least such X when divided successively by 3 , 4 & 11 leaves remainder ____ ? 

Puys Need help .!!


I am planning to enroll for Online courses for CAT 2016. Please suggest a good online course? 

Secondly, need suggestions regarding books for DI-LR and Quant?

A dishonest dealer Professes to sell the goods at cost price but instead of selling 1000 gms he sells only 800 gms for 1KG Weight. Find his Gain% ?