SBI SO Exam 2021

Latest Update – SBI SO Recruitment 2020

Last Date for Submit  application – 12th February 2020

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SBI SO Exam Pattern 2019

The exam pattern differs for the different posts one applies for. The tests for special executive manager and deputy general manager involve shortlisting and interviewing. Education, experience and suitability are some of the factors that shall be considered during the shortlisting proc3ss. The qualifying marks shall be decided by SBI after the test has been conducted. Please also keep in mind that the candidates who are on top in the written tests shall be given preference during the interviews. Confidence, stability etc. are qualities that shall be considered during the interviews.

  • The selection process for the post’s special executive manager and the general deputy manager (both regular and contractual) is done through shortlisting and interviews. The candidates are shortlisted based on their qualifications.
  • The selection process for the post of deputy manager (law) is through an exam and an interviewing process. The exam pattern for the exam I as given below.



Special Executive Manager

Selection process and interview

General Deputy Manager (law, contractual)

General Deputy Manager (law)

Deputy Manager

Exam and interview

  • The candidate can brush up on their basic knowledge over the English language and the professional knowledge that is required for the exams.
  • Practicing through websites and reading through old English language books is advised.
  • For the interview the candidate should portray a strong and confident body language and have a steady voice while answering the interviewers.
  • One can also prepare for the interview by reading point or tricks from different online websites that help with the preparation for competitive examinations.
  • One should know in detail about the post they are preparing for and the bank they want to work in.
  • Having a proper knowledge about the current news and conditions and problems faced by the company also helps in the interviews.
  • Since the State Bank of India specialist examination if an exam of the specialist cadre one is required to know almost everything about all the branches of the State Bank of India.
  • Knowing about the company and its allies help in making a good impression of the candidate on the interviewer. It shows the dedication the aspirant has for the work he or she may or may not be appointed in the future.
  • Showing a confident posture and having a certain amount of stability is required off the candidate. The interviewers will try to make the candidate as uncomfortable as possible and will ask difficult questions, but one must keep a steady voice and show that they can work as is demanded by the job in stressful conditions or scenarios.
  • The candidate is advised to think calmly before answering the questions that are asked to them. This shows that the candidate will not take any haste decisions in the future too and will think wisely before they act.